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The WordPress website platform is a wonderful tool to inspire kids in website design, development and coding. Last month I stood in my classroom surrounded by 28 amazing children (aka website developers); a handful of parents and a Langley School Board supervisor for websites in the district.  There was a hum of excitement and wonder, as we – Dorothy Peacock Elementary School – launched our school website.  You can view the website HERE.  There was a feeling of pride and accomplishment and kids were so very excited to see this happen!  See this was a journey for us, and we did it together with the support of my students, staff, administration, parents and School Board office.

apps3ipad972325dimensionnew3teachcreatebigstock-education-school-technology--50090990.jpgThe opportunity to build our school website came in late June, when I received notice I was hired at Dorothy Peacock Elementary School as the Grade 4 and Technology teacher.  I had spent the last 8 years at James Hill Elementary in a similar role, and the last 2 years learning about WordPress design and development as a hobby.  The Langley School District is currently giving schools in the district a WordPress website template to work off of.  Each school will eventually have a WordPress website and there is encouragement for even staff and students to learn about this platform.  Informed we were one of the first schools in the district to pilot this WordPress template I was very excited to start the project.

As for background information, there is WordPress.com and WordPress.org, and each of them are slightly different.  To put it in a nutshell, WordPress.com is free and comes with options to purchase your own domain name and other features, whereas WordPress.org is catered to the aspiring or already seasoned website developer where you can purchase a theme; have your own service provider and then do some coding.  In my journey of ten years with WordPress.com, and another two and half years with WordPress.org I have learned a ton and was privileged to attend 3 WordPress Wordcamps in Vancouver for the past three summers.

Now back to my story, divided into student groups and each group was similar to an old-fashioned newspaper group.  There was Sports, Photographers and more.  You can watch the video for more details.  Each group worked on their topic and we called it Website Workshop.  I taught the kids some simple coding and what the backend of a WordPress website looks like.  Our hope is to continue to work on this Website Workshop for the rest of the school year.

I compiled a video of our launch day and we were able to do a Google Hangout with James Kennedy Elementary School in Langley, B.C. and West Langley Elementary School in Langley, B.C.  Please take some time to watch our video and see how excited the kids were and are about this project.  Also, here is a great article to learn more about how you can get kids learning about the WordPress website platform HERE.

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