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Please sign our petition.  Why?  The Salmonids in the Classroom Program is an Oceans and Fisheries educational program with 30 years of funding.  This funding unfortunately was cut completely.  This program allows for classrooms in B.C. to raise Pacific salmon in our classrooms from egg to fry, then we release the fry into our local streams or creeks.  I have participated in this program for 3 years, and my mother – Bev O’Connor – invested over 20 plus years in this program as a Vancouver school teacher.

Bev Bowler Teaching My Students

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Please sign our petition and please send this post and shout out 5 times!  It could be 5 different: friends, family members, and colleagues through posts, tweets, pins, emails, texts, and any other platform you can think of and please urge them to sign the petition.

Here are some reasons why this funding should be back by a teacher – Norm Kaethler – at St. Georges School in Vancouver, B.C.

Salmon must be taught in schools. Salmon are essential to Canada’s and to British Columbia’s aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, to our economy, and to our cultural identity. Thus, our schoolchildren must be introduced to salmon in schools.

The program is widely used. Salmonids in the Classroom is run in over a hundred of classrooms in B.C. and the Yukon for over 30 years, directly influencing tens of thousands of students. Specialized infrastructure (tanks, filters, water chillers) are already in place in each school; a network of committed educators is also in place.

The program is effective and versatile. As a teacher, I value experiential and hands-on learning opportunities for my students. Raising salmon from eggs to fry in a tank in my classroom – and then ceremoniously releasing them in a local stream – offers an invaluable learning experience for my students. In my grade 11 and 12 classes, I use the salmon to teach a variety of topics, including developmental biology, sustainable fisheries, and First Nations culture and technology. The DFO’s own website provides a comprehensive  list of learning outcomes from K-12 that this program provides:

The rationale for cancelling is misguided. To explain the program cancellation, the DFO cites “reallocations… to support  Wild Salmon Policy, the Cohen recommendations, and the Fisheries Act Review.” However, the Cohen recommendations include education as the first pillar in compliance and enforcement of sustainable aquatic ecosystems. How can the DFO do its job of protecting salmon fisheries, if it does not have the support of an informed and sympathetic population?

Please contact the following people if you are interested in pursuing this issue farther!

Honourable Members of Parliament:

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister,

Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of DFO,

Mel Arnold, Opposition Critic of DFO,

Fin Donnelly, Opposition Critic of DFO,

And your own MP

In conclusion, our Educator Coordinator Bev Bowler said this recently in an email:

“I know you have individually reached thousands of students with your message of caring and respect for salmon.  This legacy is not lost.”

Please feel free to add comments, photos or thoughts on the comment space below!



  1. Rhonda hall

    May 29, 2017

    The best time to educate the public about the importance of salmon, and their connections to ecosystems and cultures, is when they are young. The salmonoids project is very important and should continue to receive funding and support!


      May 29, 2017

      Rhonda, I totally agree with you. Although our children are only 16% of Canada, they are 100% the future. Raising salmon in the classroom is an amazing experience, and hopefully through our petition our schools, community, leaders, province and country will recognize the program’s value. Victoria

  2. Ann Pimentel

    May 29, 2017

    This program is essential to British Columbian schools! Our future generations needs to learn about this essential and rich natural resource to our province.


      May 29, 2017

      We need this program! Our mom was a trail blazer with this program, and we should never let this legacy die with the lack of funding! Let’s get this petition up to 1,000! #TwinPower

  3. Nick Arabsky

    May 30, 2017

    surely you can find the money in your budget to fund such wonderful school program.
    We think there are some other places you can save money to continue this very important program for our young children.


      June 1, 2017

      I agree. There needs to be funding put back into the Salmonids in the Classroom, and maintained for decades to come. Hopefully through our petition the money will come back!

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