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  1. Microsoft in the Classroom YouTube Series

    Microsoft in the Classroom YouTube Series Introduction Have you heard of Microsoft?  Have you used Microsoft in the classroom?  Has your child used Microsoft products in his or her school?  If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, it’s...
  2. WordPress Website Building for Kids

    WordPress Website Building for Kids The WordPress website platform is a wonderful tool to inspire kids in website design, development and coding. Last month I stood in my classroom surrounded by 28 amazing children (aka website developers); a handful of...
  3. 5 Videos: iPad Set Up Tutorials

    Five YouTube videos to help you set up your iPad!  Yes!  These are iPad set up YouTube tutorials for you.  Catered to educators, teacher assistants (special education assistants) and administrators in the Langley School District!  Anyone can use these videos,...
  4. FreshGrade: Digital Portfolios in 2015

    FreshGrade: Digital Portfolios in 2015 Have you heard about FreshGrade?  Have you heard about digital portfolios?  This post is a guest post by my friends and colleagues, Michelle Hiebert and Tracy Cramer.  I am encouraged by these amazing educators digitally...

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