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  1. Adding and Subtracting Made Easy!

    This is an AMAZING Math App! Understanding Maths – Addition and Subtraction by Appp Media is a great app to help your child learn Addition and Subtraction concepts.  And when I say “great app”, I am really meaning a “GREAT APP”....
  2. Virtual Garden: Growing in Connection?

    Virtual Garden: Growing in Connection? Gardens!  This post is about uprooting my thoughts about our virtual gardens.  Where do you plant your time?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Pinterest?  Instagram?  After spending time away with my family on vacation, I realized that we...
  3. Duckie Deck Giggle Glass App

    Duckie Deck Giggle Glass App Are you ready to giggle up a storm with the Giggle Glass app?  Duckie Deck has done it again, and has another wonderful app for kids.  This app is a virtual magnifying glass that will...
  4. Appsolutely Awesome Sounds and Faces

    Apps from Whys Learning: Faces and Animal Sounds “Appsolutely” amazing apps!  Can your child read facial expressions?  Can they identify animals by their sounds?  These two apps will put the fun into learning emotions and animal sounds for any child.  Whys...

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