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In this blog post, I am talking about a great website for online preschool games!  I find there are so many educational apps, learning software programs and activity websites out there that it is difficult to know which ones are the best to go to.  I have covered many apps and will continue to find more great educational apps for kids, but for this blog post I am looking at Duckie Deck’s over 100 online preschool games to let children play, learn and smile at

I enjoyed going through the many activities and my son just enjoyed relaxing while he played these simple games.  These were some games that we played that were thoroughly enjoyable.  The Soccer Game is where you have to virtually kick the ball to another player on your team to score a goal.  The game showed positive reinforcement by using the crowd cheers once the ball is in the net.  The Pink Dinosaur activity is very cute because you have to find the correct number of dinosaurs.  Working with your child side-by-side on numbers is a great way develop their Math skills.  The Taj Mahal is a series of puzzles of world monuments, including Tower Bridge in London and other famous places.  It is easy to drag and drop the pieces.  We also played the Moving Van activity, somewhat like Tetris, but at a primary level.  A truck moves into the scene and then there are shades of squares in the van.  The child must then drag and drop the boxes on the side of the road into the correct places in the moving van.  Each level gets a bit more challenging.  The Pirate activity is a lovely one, which asks the user to select the item that is best suited to find the treasure, depending on the scene of the pirate.  For example, the pirate could be out at sea, and the child needs to select the snorkel.  There are different scenes and my son absolutely adored this activity.

I have had such a wonderful experience with the Duckie Deck’s apps and now their website.  If you are interested in an online educational website for preschool children, then this website is for you.  There are promotional codes given to preschool teachers!  Enjoy diving into over 100 activities for preschool children!

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