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Nature & Science Apps for Elementary Students Learning Bundle

I have taken three apps that are a blast for learning about Nature in the classroom or at home and bundled them together.  Each app brings a different flavour within this spectacular Nature and Science app learning bundle.

Kids love nature and when you place them in an environment that enhances their discovery then they get empowered.  These three apps will springboard your child into a deeper understanding of Scientific concepts.  The first app, is a story called Leap! A Salmon’s Story by  Although, this is a primary (leveled book at K), the book describe the cycle of the salmon which is ideal for any elementary school classroom studying life cycles.  In British Columbia, Canada the British Columbia Ocean and Fisheries Department sponsors the Salmon Enhancement Program across our province.  Leap! A Salmon's Story – LAZ ReaderChildren from all ages learn about the salmon life cycle and how the environment and humans play a role in the survival of the salmon species in British Columbia.  This book will allow children to understand the process from egg to adult spawning salmon.  For enhancement please refer to this amazing website on Salmon developed by Bev Bowler at

The second app is Science 360.  This app brings videos and information about a variety of Science subjects.  There are images to enhance and pull the students into many faucets of the Science curriculum.  Some of the information could be too advanced for primary elementary children, however I do believe that the value of looking at images, watching videos and being exposed to new research will benefit any child!

The third app is Fotopedia Wild Friends.  This app will expose your child to animals of the world.  They can learn and study about different animals.  This app is wonderful for research and will enhance the understanding of a child’s view on animals.  Fotopedia has many apps that provide information for the active learner.

These three apps in my Nature and Science Apps for Elementary Students Learning Bundle will surely impress the inner scientist in you.  Enjoy discovering and learning about salmon, scientific topics and animals.  It will be a ROAR!

Learning Opportunities

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Leap! A Salmon's Story – LAZ Reader

Science Radio NATIONAL SCIENCE F . . .

Fotopedia Wild Friends

Leap! A Salmon’s Story – LAZ Reader

Science/HCE: Science360

Fotopedia Wild Friends


  • Read through the life cycle of a salmon
  • The journey of the salmon is described briefly here, but is organized and presented well
  • Meant for early readers, however can be used for scientific understanding for intermediate students


  • Many screens of information about Science
  • Double touch on a screen and factual information show
  • There are movies and images
  • There is information about many topics, such as the world’s largest magnetic ring and penguins


  • Animals from around the world
  • Learn about their habitats, activities and abilities
  • Vocabulary is difficult here, so the app needs assistance for younger users
  • This app is amazing and every child should have an opportunity to see these wonderful images


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