Grab a Promo Code Quick!  Minecraft-like Game is Awesome!

Quick grab your iPads and get a free promo code now!  Do you like Minecraft?  Have you heard of Exploration app?  Exploration is very similar to Minecraft, except it doesn’t have the survival mode like Minecraft.  Purchase this app off the Samsung Store, Apple Store or Google Store.

Firstly let me explain a story that recently happened to me.  I recently had one of my son’s friends over and we were going to play Play Station Minecraft, when all of sudden his friend said, “My mom doesn’t let me play Minecraft because of the scary zombies!”  After texting and conversation with the mother, she shared with me that she “knows nothing about Minecraft, except that it has scary zombies”.  I began to explain to her that there are two modes in Minecraft Creative and Survival.  You can also switch your Creative mode to Peaceful, which means that there are no attacking zombies.  This is not the first adult I have come across that doesn’t know much about Minecraft.

Well, after exploration appthat experience, I started to explore other apps that offered Minecraft features, but just don’t have the scary zombies.  I landed on the app called Exploration.  This app allows you to manipulate the screen the same way as Minecraft, except there are arrow buttons on the left hand side of the screen.  There is also options and other features you can activate, such as flying mode that make the app a very user friendly app.

I highly recommend this app for anyone interested in finding a friendlier version of Minecraft, without the scary zombies and tends to be possibly easier for parents to learn.  Educators will also find comfort in this app, as I know I have found that sometimes having Minecraft on the school iPads, kids are tempted to go to Survival mode.  I struggled with this problem last year, because if I had just does Exploration then not only would I have to save the grief of continually asking my students not to go on Survival mode, but may have saved my school money.  This app is cost affordable, and with Minecraft you can’t use the Apple Education System discount – so that means you are paying the full price for each install.  Whereas this app is under the Apple Education umbrella.


So, what are you waiting for, grab a promo code and start playing this very similar version of Minecraft . . . Exploration!


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