Microsoft Office Mix Basics with Chris Astoria

Today’s post and video tutorials are brought to you by Chris Astoria, a Langley School District teacher.  Chris contributes Microsoft insights to my website with James Gill, Tracy Cramer, and I.  We make up the Microsoft Mentorship Team.  Chris takes the time to teach us about Microsoft Office Mix.  Office Mix is a free add on for PowerPoint, the wildly popular presentation tool included in the Microsoft Office suite. Integrating seamlessly with PowerPoint, it can be used in a variety of ways in and outside of the classroom to support students learning.  Enjoy this awesome post!

While there are many different presentation programs out there, PowerPoint has one of the longest legacies, and is already familiar to many educators, and many students. As a Microsoft product, it is often available through district channels, often for teachers and students alike. Of course, this widespread availability and familiarity is a great starting point for any venture into educational technology.
In this post, I’d like to share three great uses for Office mix in the classroom.
1. The Flipped Classroom.
The concept of the “flipped” classroom, is where educational videos and relevant materials are viewed prior to the class meeting, so that the class time can be used for discussion and collaboration. Office Mix is excellent for producing short annotated slide shows with options for narration, imbedded video, that can be shared with students, and viewed prior to the class.
2. Review and Study Materials.
Better than just a set of student notes, an Office Mix can be used to provide review material for your students, with a chance to go into more depth on key ideas, and provide illustrations, and practice questions. One of the great features of Office Mix is the ability to include interactive elements, with review questions embedded in the presentation. Office Mix also allows the instructor to gauge a student’s understanding by collecting metrics on how much time students spent on review questions, and who is answering them correctly.
3. A Student Tool for Project Based Learning.
It’s great when we can connect digital literacy with various curriculums and disciplines. With the expanded tools available in office mix, students can create compelling presentations to show the results of their inquiry. We certainly don’t all learn the same way, so having the ability to give evidence of learning in a variety of ways: text, equations, graphics, audio and video elements make for a shareable experience that is unique as the students themselves.
As the Office Mix community continues to grow, there are also a great many Mix lessons to download for free! Check out to download Office Mix, or to see examples of what you can do!

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I also want to give a shout out to Microsoft for giving me a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.  This device is amazing and I have been using it to access all the wonderful Office 365 applications!  Thank you!


To learn more about this device click HERE.

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