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Let’s learn about Groups and Folders in Microsoft Office 365!  Here are two YouTube videos to help you!  The Langley School District has moved over to Microsoft Office 365 and some of my colleagues voiced to me they feel overwhelmed with trying to understand Office 365.  This blog post is for them, because I took the time to create two YouTube videos that should make that transition easier.  The first is on Groups and the second one is specifically Adding Public Folders.  One video is 5 minutes, and the other is 3 minutes.  

When I am learning something new, I enjoy YouTube videos because I can stop where I want to and then back up where I want to.  Sometime when I am reading instructions I get confused and I just need a video.   These two videos were created to help and were how I would assist one of my staff members in understanding and maneuvering around this platform. 

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Learning about Groups in Microsoft Office 365

So here are the two videos.  The first one is how you manoeuvre around the Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Dashboard to work with Groups.  My school has created a Group and in this Group we can view different tabs, which include Conversations, One Note, Calendar, Connectors and Files.  This video shows you how to move around and find all these cool features, including bulletins and updates from the administration.  Enjoy!

The second video was created because my administrator sent me an email on how to add Public Folders.  So, I created a YouTube video for my staff to add Public Folders through the website version of Outlook.  This will help staff access all the School District documents and folders.  This YouTube leads you step-by-step.  If you are in the Langley School District and you are reading this, then you can also get the documents emailed to you and the documents will lead you step-by-step.  This video is specific for OWA – Outlook Web Application.  Basically meaning the website version of Outlook.  Enjoy!

Learning About Groups – 5 Minute Video


Adding Public Folders – 3 Minute Video


I also want to give a shout out to Microsoft for giving me a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.  This device is amazing and I have been using it to access all the wonderful Office 365 applications!  Thank you!


To learn more about this device click HERE.




  1. Leilani Langer

    September 5, 2016

    Thanks Victoria! You are right, the videos certainly hel!

  2. Leilani Langer

    September 5, 2016



      September 5, 2016

      Good to hear they helped! It took me a while to create the videos, but I think they will help many people. Thanks for the comment Leilani!

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