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Microsoft in British Columbia!  Our Microsoft Mentorship Team sat down on Family Day to talk about the very cool things happening in British Columbia!  Microsoft products and applications are amazing tools to inspire and encourage children in their learning.  This blog post includes a 14 minute YouTube video that will help you understand what our team is creating, inspiring and empowering children to do in their classroom with Microsoft devices and applications.

Our Microsoft Mentorship Team in British Columbia includes myself (whom you can learn about through the About Me page); Chris Astoria; James Gill; Tracy Cramer and Mario Asta.  Let’s learn more about these amazing educators!

The Microsoft Mentorship Team includes Tracy Cramer from James Kennedy Elementary School in Langley, B.C., Canada.  She teaches Kindergarten and Grade 1, and loves to integrate technology into her classroom, including e-portfolios.  You can learn more about her here.  She is presenting at an upcoming Odyssey Professional Development Day in the Langley School District.  To learn more about this Professional Development Day you can click here.

James Gill works at Meadowbrook Elementary School in the Coquitlam School District.  He is working with many devices in his classroom to use Microsoft Class One Note in his teaching.  When Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 8.51.12 AMyou watch the video you will hear about a student who is using this application and is able to eventually create braille worksheets.  He will be talking at a Coquitlam Professional Development day this coming Friday, February 19th.

Chris Astoria is a Grade 4/5 teacher in the Langley School District.  He is working at Dorothy Peacock Elementary School and has worked on Office Mix in the Microsoft Office 365 applications.  He is new to teaching, and brings a fresh insight into using technology into the classroom.   He will be joining me this coming Friday at the Burnaby Microsoft Metrotown Store to learn more about Office 365 and enjoy an interactive Skype experience with Mario Asta.

Mario Asta has also joined us in this YouTube fireside chat.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding on Microsoft applications.  He is currently a Microsoft Teacher Ambassador and works as the Western Canada Rep for Microsoft.  He works in schools and along teachers to help them integrate these amazing tools into the classroom.

So take some time to sit down and listen to our conversations about the very cool things happening with Microsoft in British Columbia and the use of Microsoft products and devices.  Enjoy!



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