Microsoft helps Kids Learn with Laptops!

The students jumped out of their seats when they found 5 new Hp Stream laptops from Microsoft Canada in our classroom earlier this month.  This was a huge thing for my students and it was the beginning of a beautiful journey of digital empowerment and excitement.  Every laptop has the Office 365 application platform.  Office 365 is a wonderful tool to use with students because it gives students the power to manipulate, create and celebrate their understanding through different application platforms.  Click HERE to learn more about these awesome laptops.



Just beginning this journey with my students was thrilling.  We took time to talk about what the internet is and the movement of hard drive storage to cloud based storage.  All my students did not know how the internet worked and begun to explain Microsoft and the internet browser Internet Explorer.  Students were learning the foundations of what the cloud was and how Office 365 is cloud storage and this is a very important part of understanding how technology works.  Click HERE to learn more about my classroom experience.


Shortly after explaining how Internet Explorer works we soon when into talking about Office 365 and specifically talking about OneNote.  Currently, my school district – the Langley School District – has rolled out Office 365 to their staff, and will be moving towards rolling out access to students in the Spring.  With a created Outlook account several students came part of setting up the Hp laptops.  We started using them that day and began to record information for Science.

My students are also excited because we’ve been able to use One Note – a cool Word application – and since we have joined the Salmon Enhancement program, students are able to journal their understanding through OneNote. Although we have just started using OneNote, since we have received our five laptops several weeks ago, the kids are keen and interested to use this form of communication. In British Columbia, the new curriculum implementation will occur in elementary schools across the province in September.  There is a new part in the curriculum that will enhance students understanding of technology application and manipulation.  These laptops will help students transition into this new curriculum and the approaches the Ministry of Education are moving to in the education realm.

I want to take the time to thank Mario Asta and Microsoft Canada for lending us these five Hp laptops. 

Empowering students through technology is pretty cool, especially when many of them spend hours on their devices a day.  It’s time to tap into their strengths and let them springboard their strength of technology into a tool for the future.



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