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Speaking and Mental Math App Lesson: Sharing with Duckie Deck!

Are you interested in enhancing Speaking skills and teaching your child Mental Math strategies in a fun and exciting way?  Well if you are then this lesson is for you!

I find that young children get so excited when an iPad infront of them.. My lesson plan on Speaking and Mental Math App Lesson: Sharing with Duckie Deck and video tutorial on will to introduce your child to the world of Mental Math.

This lesson shows step-by-step how to ask your child questions to engage in developing Math skills that are basic addition. It will also expose them to using their own ideas to explore how Math concepts can be displayed on the screen. sharingwithduckiedeckThere are activities that expose children in counting by 2s, 3s and 4s, as well as other Math exploration concepts.  Many Primary students love the idea of using a mobile device to play games, so this is a great way of softly introducing some challenging Math concepts “in diguise” through this awesome educational app. Although the video tutorial is with my daughter, who is in Grade Two, you can use this in a group lesson.

This lesson also incorporates Sharing with Duckie Deck, which is a wonderful app from Duckie Deck catered to the younger user and is a user-friendly lesson for those new iPad educators.  Sharing with Duckie Deck is now only available through Apple, however feel free to adapt this to any app either through Android or Apple.

Below you can find the video tutorial and the hyperlink to buy and look at the review of Sharing with Duckie Deck.

Watch the App Video Tutorial

To Buy App and Read a Review Click HERE

Primary Lesson : The Individual and Group Lesson

Learning Opportunities


·        Sharing with DuckieDeck App on iPad


Have student(s) sit by teacher and talk about what the child(ren) think this app is about.

Teacher and Student Interactions

Teacher holds up the iPad, and introduces Sharing with DuckieDeck.  The teacher opens up the app by tapping the icon the screen.  You will be led through to the opening screen, where you will have a choice between activities. 

The teacher asks a student to tap the screen for the first activity.  Ask the student to explore all activities individually.  After individual exploration, lead the student(s) through each activity.  Each activity is demonstrated in the video tutorial.  The piece of cake icon leads the students to a cake where they need to decorate it.  The teacher can ask the students to add candles and items to the cake and then put addition sentences on the board or in their books.  Use subtraction sentences too!  The next icon is the pencil crayons, please note this sketching activity primarily is for Art, and does not focus solely on the learning outcomes.  The apple icon is counting in groups of four.  Get your students to count up and share the food.  The matching cards can be counting in twos and have your child count the cards that dissolve.  The rocket ship is best to be focused on the pink screen toy that allows students to write down Math sentences.  The final one is the doughnut icon and this one is counting by threes.


Once complete then you can go back to the activities and review them again.  Allow the child to explore new ways of showing their Math understanding and counting.


Once the teacher feels comfortable allow student to have his or her own mobile device to explore the activities more.  Also, incorporate Mental Math into other areas of the classroom, such as using hands on Math manipulatives (i.e. blocks, cubes etc.).

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