Quick!  Grab your iPad, scroll down to the bottom of this post, and get one of these promo codes now!  Before they are all gone.  Tap Tangram app inspires, engages and empowers kids to develop Numeracy skills and spatial awareness.  Parents, teachers and kids look high and low to find fun and engaging educational apps for Math, well look no farther than this great Math app.  Also, there is a very cool feature, where you can use two iPads and the students can connect with each other via WiFi!  So they can play together without being on a single device, so long as they can “see” each other on WIFI.

There are many on my website, but this recent Math app that has made its home on my iPad and into my kids minds! Tap



My daughter, Sarah is in Grade 4 and my son, James is in Grade 1.  Engaged and enjoying how it meets their levels in Math, any student will enjoy this app.  

In this app, you get to choose whether you are playing it for one person or two people.  Once you choose you get an option of 1, 3, 5 or 10 puzzles to solve.  The screen moves to tangram images and your choice of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.  You select your trangram image and press “GO”.


File_001A Math question comes up and you answer the question.  If correct, you are given a shape you must manipulate (turn around and move) to place within the tangram shape.

For those parents and educators looking for an educational app kids can meet at their level and ability, then this is the app for you.  Fun, interesting and multi-dimensional, it can also help develop problem solving skills, Numeracy awareness and Math facts.

PKCLsoft is an app company from Australia producing wonderful Math apps for kids of all ages.  Some additional Math apps they currently have on the Apple app store can be found on my website.  Check out my post on two of their past apps – Math Plus Minus – Addition and Subtraction and Tap Times Tables – Multiplication Fun with Math Numbers and Arithmetic HERE

To learn more about the Tap Tangram app click HERE.

To buy the Tap Tangram app on the Apple app store please click HERE.

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