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Good Morning!  Let’s make a difference!  If you are reading this on Sunday, May 7th then take a pause from this post and check out this amazing Professional Development that is happening online right now!  It is from 8 am to 8 pm EST and called Make a Difference Professional Development or MADPD.  If you want to find it on Twitter you can seek out #MADPD.

If you head over to this website: you will learn all about the 70 presenters from around the world that are presenting!  If you are a keener, then just jump straight into this link: and watch live events right now!

This is absolutely amazing!  What each of the presenters do is to set up an online streaming events some time during the day.  The schedule is set up in hour blocks, but the presenter only presents for about 15 minutes.  The remaining time has questions and discussions from different educators from around the world who want to make a difference.  Technically you should try to get some people to join your Google Hangout Streamed Live event, but if you were like me, I had difficulty finding fellow BC educators that would like to wake up at 7 am on a Sunday.  I also wanted to just try it out.

Well I was really impressed.  Peter Cameron (@cherandpete) had step-by-step instructions and YouTube videos that made me feel – as a presenter – that I was well taken care of.  He also set up the a Twitter group with the list of the presenters here:  For this form of Pro-D you need to set up an Online Streaming Event through YouTube, but Peter’s communication and videos were awesome.

Interested in learning more?  Watching any of the recorded YouTube videos, or if you are reading this right now, you might be able to catch a lived Streaming Event right now.

It is very exciting to be around educators that are passionate about teaching and caring for kids.  Here is my event!  Enjoy and I think this is the cutting edge for Professional Development!  Why limit ourselves to educators just in our community, when we can connect with educators around the world.  I think this is so cool!

Here is my slideshow that I talked about, but had technical difficulties with (the joys of technology):

My Live #MADPD Stream Event (15 minutes) on Integrating Tech to Build Empathy

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