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My iPad Lesson Plans for Children – Magnificent Math Strategies are meant to enhance children`s interaction with mobile devices. Teaching Math strategies to children can be challenging because so many children are at different levels of understanding.  I have taken three apps from Jump App: Cute Food, Puppet Workshop and Imagination Box and have used them to create a great lesson plan and a video tutorial to teach primary kids the joys of using Math Strategies through virtual means.

My children get so thrilled when we are using the iPad to discover new and interesting things.  This lesson is meant to stimulate and encourage exploration in Math.  puppet workshopThe first app I discover in my video tutorial is Cute Food.  This app is a great way of showing kids how they can add and subtract with using food.  (Hopefully they don’t try this at home during dinner, and get in trouble by their Moms).  This app allows the young users to drag and drop vegetables and fruit onto their virtual plate.  By adding and subtracting different fruit and vegetable slices and pieces to the plate the teacher and the students can explore the world of Addition and Subtraction.  The user can change the colour of the plate and the mat.

The second app I use in the video tutorial is that of the Puppet Workshop, this app is to discover how to create your own sock puppet.  Add and subtract items onto or off the face of the sock puppet and use this as a canvas for Math strategies.

The third app I explore is that of Imagination Box and this one is specifically for doing Math strategies on a coloured canvas.  The use of all three to add and subtract in a fun and exciting way will surely engage the kids.

These three apps are currently only available through Apple, however feel free to adapt this to any app either through Android or Apple.  Below you can find the video tutorial hyperlink and the hyperlink to buy and look at all the apps.

To watch the Video Tutorial of this Lesson Click HERE

To Buy App and Read a Review Click HERE

Primary Lesson : The Individual and Group Lesson

Learning Opportunities


·       Cute Food, Puppet Workshop and Imagination Box on iPad


Have student(s) sit by teacher and talk about what the child(ren) think each app is about.

Teacher and Student Interactions

Teacher holds up the iPad, and introduces  Cute FoodThe teacher opens up the app by tapping the icon on the screen.  The teacher asks a student to tap the plate that they would like to use.  They can turn the pages to see more plates.  Once they have selected a plate ask the students to explore the app.  Show the students the sliding features on the right with the different fruits and vegetables. They can also chose their design, plate shape and table cloth.  Lead the students through Math sentences with Addition and Subtraction.  For example, place two pieces of fruit on the plate, and then add two more pieces of fruit on your plate.  How many do you have in total?  Write the Addition sentence and then you can progress by adding more fruit or vegetables, or you can use Subtraction skills.

The next app, by Jump App, is Puppet Workshop and this one is a delightful app that will allow your students to decorate their own sock puppet.  Add features to the puppet and ask the students to write down an Addition sentence to demonstrate their understanding.  For example, place two button eyes on your sock and place a button nose on your sock.  How many buttons do you have on your sock?  Write it down in a Math sentence.  Explore the app and allow the students to take a picture of their sock puppet to use as assessment.

The third app is called Imagination Box and this one allows students to explore the world of virtual manipulatives.  There are many shapes and colours to choose from and the teacher can lead the students through exploration of Math Addition and Subtraction facts.  For example, asking the students to place a certain amount of circles on the screen and then adding stars to the screen.  Ask the students to write down their Addition sentences.  Ask the student to explore the app.

Each app is demonstrated in the video tutorial with examples of Math Strategies.


Once complete then you can go back to the activities and review them again.  Allow the child to explore new ways of showing their Math understanding and counting.  Allow the children to show their Math sentences to each other and have them explain them to a partner.


Once the teacher feels comfortable allow student to have his or her own mobile device to explore the activities more.  Also, allow students to feel comfortable with the apps so they can do their own Math exploration.  Have them work in partners to create new Math Addition and Subtraction sentences.  Have them print out their pictures and display them in the class and/or use them for assessment.


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