Inspiring Our Students Through the Personal and Social Core Competency

The Personal and Social Core Competency is a wonderful Core Competency gaining a voice in today’s British Columbia curriculum.  Often we have focused on the Thinking and Communication parts of our educational curriculum, but now we have the golden ticket to embrace this beautiful Core Competency.

Today I had the privilege to work with teachers from Serpentine Elementary School in Surrey, B.C.  Included in this post is my SlideShare which has all the links and resources I used during the presentation.  The videos all circulate around the new B.C. Core Competency of Personal and Social.

This workshop focused on what the new Personal and Social Core Competency includes, and how it revolutionizes the way we teach. In the SlideShare there are digital resources and videos, as well as mention of interactive activities to build a deeper understanding of this Competency.

Here are the Slides with All the Links


We spent time reflecting on our children and staff through the Alike video (down below).  This video dove tailed with our morning activity beautifully.  We talked about the child first and “what we want our children to gain at our school”, then we talked about “what the adult can do and say” to nurture those values in our child, then we used the grey pieces to talk about the things that hinder that process.  This activity was originally inspired by my past administrator – Chris Wejr – but adapted to sync with the context of the Alike video that we watched at the end of the workshop.



We also learned about how technology can be used to develop this Competency.  The workshop included information on Microsoft’s Skype in the Classroom and we will participate in a virtual field trip to the Canadian Canoe Museum in Ontario!

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    July 21, 2017

    Good post related to inspiring students through the personal and social core competency workshop.

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