Sawubona – the word Hello – means ‘I see you’ in the Zulu.  The response is “Ngikhona” which means ‘I am here’.  It’s about connecting with people. My blog post today is about Edcamp35, an “unconference” I went to last Saturday.

I am reflecting on the inspiration I received at Edcamp35, but mostly about the people;, some would call it their Personal Learning Network, but I would say people who inspire me.  In the sessions, I learned from a rich resource of educators, parents and students.  So kick back and relax, as this is a unique post for me, as I don’t normally reflect on my experiences. And as the Zulu would say, “Umuntu ngumuntu nagabantu”, meaning, “A person is a person because of other people”.  This is what Edcamp35 is all about to me.

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to Edcamp35 in Langley, B.C., Canada.  This camp was for anyone who has an interest in anything educational.

The day began with individuals putting up recommended topics of interest on a bulletin board, and then the onseers placed stickers on the posted papers which interested them.  board The organizers then placed the different topics into a schedule for the day.  Although Edcamps traditionally (they have been only running for about 4 years) are for discussion, sessions were as unique and extraordinary as the people sitting in the room.

I did have the privilege of being in one session called “iPads and the New B.C. Curriculum” and if you are interested in learning more about this topic check out this link:HERE.

One of the fun things about the day that had over 200 participants was there was chart paper up to ask people to write down apps they would recommend.  Since this website is about all apps, I managed to take photos of 5 of the sheets.  I have shared them at the bottom of this post, for those that are interested.

Sawubona!  This leads me to this second part of this post.  My favourite part!  I was asked by a subscriber about how he can connect with educators.  Well, after Edcamp35, I wanted to celebrate those educators who were there that I know virtually or in reality, and who I have connected with through my school district and beyond.  All of these people have strengths that maybe one day I might have an ounce of. I do this to encourage my colleagues (my apologies if I missed some), and connect those who are looking for connection with educators.  As the above states: ““Umuntu ngumuntu nagabantu”, meaning, “A person is a person because of other people”

This is not meant to be a list, but a means to connect you with some people who inspire me.

Click on the name below to connect with this awesome educator I know and some apps I know they are familiar with.  I have put some topics that I know some of these educators are interested in; but the topics are not meant to be labeling, but just meant for guidance.

People I “saw” there and personally have connected with:

Raspberry Pi

Ann Pimentel – My twin sister who works at Lynn Fripps Elementary as a Resource teacher and doing Raspberry Pi.  She has been inspiring kids to use this mini hard drive to create virtual pianos, games and more.  Connect with her via her website HERE.

Use Inquiry Based Learning

Ravinder Sahota -Uses Inquiry based learning and also uses Edmodo with her students at Walnut Grove Highschool..  Highschool Chemistry is her speciality, so her class is exploding with great experiences (no pun intended).

Tracy Cramer – Connected with an artist through Twitter to lead her class through an Art lesson.  Also does Genius Hour with her little Kindergarteners and Grade One kids.  She’s a genius.


Lara Lacroix – KidBlog inspiration! She has a phenomenal skill set on how to get your kids excited about blogging.  She’s at the Board Office; Langley Meadows Elementary and Richard Bulpitt Elementary

Sharing the Spirit of School Events

Lucy Lenko – Administrator – Twitter feed is always filled with exciting things happening at Richard Bulpitt Elementary.  Also has promoted Karm Academy (Explain Everything App) by teacher Karm Connolly.

Safe Schools and Technology Education

Sandra AverillAt the Langley School Board Office and works with schools and Tech coaches through the Langley School District with Technology. She presents, creates and tweets about Technology in education. Check out a website she runs here.

Online Learning

Sarban Sangha An administrator you’ll be blown away at the homeschooling environment he provides at Lochiel U-Connect.  One example is the use of QR codes to do a scavenger hunt. Teachers at his school including Tracey Thorne, Jake Main, Rachel Horne, and Lorrie Burnham who uses Scratch and Mine Craft, and is also working with Raspberry Pi.  Check out their websites here.

Google – The Three I know from West Langley Elementary

Lexi Iggulden – Grade 7 Teacher who I chatted with at the edcamp and she is doing some intriguing things with Google Apps.

Victoria Olson – Grade 3/4 teacher who leads pro-d.  Has a great skill set with Google Apps for Education.  The one who created the idea of Edcamp35 and #bcedchat, as well as of the #bcedchat moderators (read below to learn more).  Also she shares her thoughts on Edcamp35 learning through her website HERE

Shawn Davids – This administrator was part of the organizational team of Edcamp35 and will be speaking at the upcoming GAFE (Google Apps for Education) conference.  A wealth of knowledge about Google Apps and how they can be successfully integrated into your classroom and/or school.  His knowledge of iPads and 1-to-1 in classrooms is totally awesome.  See his reflections on edcamp35 HERE

Using the Medium of Technology to Inspire

Kat Mulski – Another inspirers of Edcamp35. Does regular tech sessions with her staff to help them out and has a passion for integrating Technology into education.

Chris Wejr – An administrator who helped organize Edcamp35, who is connected with Twitter; contemplating no awards and connected with many great educators through Social Media.  Strive to encourage his staff and students he works with, and in turn is highly respected by staff, students and parents.  Check out his blog here.

Kim Anderson – A teacher  with experience with Library and tons of Kindergarten inspiration.  I’ve known her for over a decade and she inspires me with her enthusiasm for teaching.

Sherry HallA teacher who runs Tech Lunches at James Hill Elementary; familiar with Skype and Apps such as Book Creator.  Truly honoured to work beside her and this talented teacher is very devoted to showing kindness to her colleagues and her students she teaches.

Jane Gill – A High school English at Langley Senior Secondary, and has some powerful things to say about Assessment in High schools.  She has done work lead and teach educators to learn better Assessment practices, specifically in English.

Mark Classen – An administrator from Harrison Hot Springs Elementary. Interested in community building and working with a green house and some technology at his school.  He was at the Deltaedcamp and edcamp35.

Joe Ducklow – A kindergarten teacher from Lynn Fripps, who is doing some great things with primary apps and I had the privilege of doing a pro-d with him on iPads recently.

Marilyn Richardson and Deb Cowland – Phenomenal librarians in Langley who are a breath of fresh air, as it comes to offline and online resources.  Although I did not see them at Edcamp35, they have helped me out (gone beyond the call of duty) several times.  I appreciate them.

Jessica Brooks – She is a Tech Coach and I had the privilege of meeting her in Fall.  She is a Grade 3/4 teacher who is busy with helping implement a new initiative in her school – an iPad for some educators in her school – with principal Esther Schmit.

Find them, as they are doing some amazing things in their classrooms.

Want to connect with Educators weekly online?

A bcedchat group meets Sundays between 7 pm and 8 pm on Twitter under the hashtage #bcedchat with their passion for Education in British Columbia (some have been mentioned above).  If you are interested in learning more about #edcamp35 then check out these fabulous posts and even some poems.  Others who have wrote posts on this edcamp, can be found on the Edcamp website: from reflections on edcamp35 who I have connected with.

Some from the #bcedchat Community

Christine Young-HusbandCheck out her reflection on Edcamp35 here.  Sunshine Coast trustee who is one of the moderators of #bcedchat.  Always encouraging and educational info flows from her Twitter feed.

Brynn Williams Administrator from Coquitlam and one of the creators/moderators of #bcedchat who is one of the moderators of #bcedchat.  Insightful and recently did a post on the use of Technology into classrooms. Check out his blog here

Jeremy Inscho Also a moderator, and is currently a teacher from Vancouver Island and is one of the moderators of #bcedchat.  Also runs Google Hangouts with educational issues being the centre.  Recently ran one on how edcamps can be used in the classroom. Check out his website here.

Karl Lindgren-Streicher – American counterpart who can be found moderatoring the California Ed Chat – #caedchat (meeting Sundays 8-9 pm).  Has a wealth of knowledge in Google and is a presenter and frequent attendee at educational conferences. Read more about his thoughts on Edcamp35 here.

Michelle Hiebert – Interested in learning about Kindergarten and perhaps get into another edchat?  Michelle can be found on #kinderchat, as well as will be running a Kindergarten edcamp in Abbotsford soon.  Check out the her blog here and the edcamp information here.

D Alice Marsh – Interested in Google Apps for Education and a part of the #bcedchat. Find her blog here.

Heidi Hass Gable – Parent who is passionate about her kids education.  I got the opportunity to talk to her in length at the conference, which was inspiring and motivational.  Find her blog here.

Jann Kwasnicki and Jasper Fox– Recently did a Google Hangout with them and they are interested in education, specifically how edcamps can be integrated into the classroom.  Find Jann’s blog here and Jasper’s blog here.

Their posts and poems can be found on this site under Reflections on Edcamp35 for quick reference

I also wanted to mention that our School District, Langley, has supported this Edcamp35, and to them we should be very grateful.  An educator recently stated to me that we were lucky to have support and professional development in order to run an edcamp.

If it wasn’t for Suzanne Hoffman, who is our superintendent of the Langley School District, and of whom I have had the privilege of having as an administrator years ago at Otter Elementary, this Edcamp35 may have not happened.  Passionate about education, I believe her leadership continues to transform the Langley School District into a great place to work.  Others that were supporters and organizers of edcamp35 were Claire Guy; Magdy Ghobrial, Nick Ubels and Ngaire Leaf – to name a few – this would not have happened.

I am very privileged to work some amazing people (you know who you are) and be a part of a wonderful school district – Langley #35 – in the province of British Columbia.  And this post is meant to celebrate those who contribute to make kids lives better, and inspire me in Technology, teaching and education.  To you I am grateful!


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