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 Counting to 100! App Learning Bundle

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I have taken two apps and placed them together to create my Counting to 100! App Learning Bundle igniting joy and excitement back into counting Math.  As you know, Digital Literacy is coming to be very important in educational institutions around the world, specifically here in British Columbia.  Students should comfortably navigate virtually to develop their understanding of educational concepts.  These are two apps that will allow you to directly meet learning outcomes to fulfill the Digital Literacy curriculum.

As you know, I normally place Math apps with Math apps, but this time around I have decided to place a Math app with a Whiteboard app.  Now you ask why?  Well, it is because the first app, Counting to 100! is an app that exposes the user to the many different ways to count to 100.  Count to 100!It is a simple, yet an extremely effective app for children, educators and parents to use.  The second app is a virtual whiteboard that can walk along with the first app, by allowing the child to show their understanding pictorially through the virtual whiteboard app.

The first app, which is Counting to 100! is a delightful app that allows children to explore the area of counting in variety of ways to 100. It shows a board with squares that can be highlighted when you touch them.  Children can count by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s, 25’s and more.  There are different options settings which is spectacular to have.  Many young children try over and over again to demonstrate their understanding of numbers through writing, however have difficulty with the presentation of the information due to their difficulty in writing.  This app will help the littlest of users, as well as those users who need to focus solely on counting to 100!.  What is also exciting about this app is it was created in a neighboring city in the Vancouver area, Surrey, British Columbia.

The second app, Doodle Buddy will buddy up with my first app to help children demonstrate their understanding in a pictorial sense.  Children can use colors, shapes and images to transform their mental understanding of Counting to 100! to a visual representation that can aid teachers and parents in knowing whether the child understands the many layers of Addition and Subtraction, and even Multiplication and Division.

To extend learning beyond the app take time to use manipulatives to show students what mathematics is like in the “real” world.  The understanding of patterning is also important for younger users, as students can show their understanding of all the different types of counting patterns by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s etc.  Another neat aspect to this 100 Math chart, is the fact that you can create a picture using the hundreds chart.  As an educator I can give children numbers to seek out on a printed out chart and they can find the mystery picture, then they can apply it virtually on the 100s chart.

Thank you to Fuzzy Bees for the privilege to review your app Count to 100!, as well as create a Digital Literacy tutorial on Count to 100!

Click HERE if you can’t see the above video – the Digital Literacy Tutorial on Count to 100!

Learning Opportunities and Digital Literacy Standards

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Features of Count to 100!

  • Count to 100 using different methods
  • Counting by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, 10’s and more
  • Different features allow you to display numbers differently

To Learn More about Doodle Buddy Click HERE.



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