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  1. Five Reasons to Use Skype in the Classroom

    Five Reasons to Use Skype in the Classroom On Friday, February 23, 2018 Microsoft Canada is hosting an event for educators in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada called Empower Your Classroom.  This blog post on Skype in the Classroom dovetails my...
  2. My Word of 2017 was Present

    A Reflective Blog Post on My Word of 2017: Present “The Way We Treat Each Other and Look Out for Each Other . . . It Has To Somehow Get Better.” – A Quote from Netflix 13 Reasons Why This...
  3. Dear My Kids: What is Broken?

    Dear My Kids: What is Broken? Do we have a broken educational system?  Some say, “Yes” and others say, “No”.  In my opinion there are broken parts.  This post addresses those broken parts. I am sorry for the system, expectations...
  4. 10 Tips to Know before becoming a Microsoft Educator

    Create!  Learn!  Innovate!  Three words describe my journey through the Microsoft Educator world.  This post helps any education employee – specifically any educator – who pursues their knowledge, connections and classroom resources through the Microsoft platform.  Google and Apple focus...

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