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Android and iPad Lesson Plan Ideas:

Learning Virtual Vocabulary

Are you interested in teaching vocabulary that will help your child or class work well with mobile devices?  Android and iPad Lesson Plan Ideas: Learning Virtual Vocabulary will help your child learn four virtual vocabulary terms.  This lesson also incorporates Toontastic and is a beginning lesson for those new iPad and Android educators.  Toontastic is only available through Apple, however feel free to adapt this to any app either through Android or Apple.  You can purchase and read details of the app Toontastic HERE.Student at Desk small iStock_000023020317SmallThis lesson plan is to teach children important virtual vocabulary: swiping, pinching, tapping, and dragging.  I have also included a video for users can use to teach their child these concepts.  Click: You Tube Video: Lesson on Kids Apps and Virtual Vocabulary Enjoy learning virtual vocabulary through Android and iPad Lesson Plan Ideas: Learning Virtual Vocabulary.

Learning Opportunities



·         Toontastic App on iPad and One iPad for the Teacher

·         Use of an Elmo and a projector may aid in the presentation, but are not necessary.



·         A quick smooth movement with your finger(s) across the mobile device screen


·         Use index finger and thumb, or two index fingers, to resize a virtual image on a mobile device screen.


·         A light quick press of your finger(s) on a mobile device screen.


·         Select an image, press finger(s) gently on the image.  Move your finger(s) across mobile device screen to a desired area.


Have students sit in desks or in carpeted area.  Teacher starts by asking the students what they know about iPads. 

Introduce the four virtual actions – swiping, pinching, tapping, and dragging.  Demonstrate the four virtual actions to the students using your finger(s) in the air.  Ask students to hold up their fingers and demonstrate the actions of swiping, pinching, tapping and dragging.

Teacher and Student Interactions

Teacher holds up the iPad, and introduces Toontastic.  The teacher opens up the app by tapping the Toontastic icon the screen.  You will be led through steps to create an animated story.  Please note:any image containing a lock is unavailable because the image was not included in your app purchase.  The narrator leads the teacher and the students through a virtual storyboard.  

The teacher asks a student to tap the screen for the first scene.  Select a scene and then add characters.  To add characters swipe the bottom bar and tap the characters to move onto the scene.  I suggest only two characters in the beginning scenes, and if desired add more characters later on.  Allow a student to select a character by swiping the bottom bar and then tapping the desired character.  Then show the children how to drag the characters to a desired location.  Pinch the characters to make them smaller or larger.  Allow a student to help.  Place the characters in the correct places.

Stop the class, and ask the children to think of a good story, including a Setting, Conflict, Challenge, Climax and Resolution (for younger children please adjust appropriately).  Talk or write it down so students understand the story.  I suggest making it brief, if it is your first.

Move to the next step by pressing “Done”.  At this point, the teacher should speak the first scene (the Setting) to show the children how to speak clearly.  The teacher can also move the characters around.   Once the scene is complete, the narrator asks for music choice.  Tap the emotional face in the bottom bar, and then drag your finger up and down the screen to create music intensity.  Once the scene is complete with music, then you can move to the next scene. 

Repeat pattern through all scenes – Setting, Conflict, Challenge, Climax and Resolution.

Add more characters, create new scenes, and add more features. 


Once complete and you have pressed “Done” on the storyboard page, you will have the opportunity to put a title and author on your creation.

The company will also ask you to enter your email address, so they can allow you to post your creation to their website.  The entire Toontastic creation will stay on the mobile device, until altered or deleted.   Choose your genre and then press the check mark.  You now may watch your creation on your iPad, or if desired online through Toontastic.


Once the teacher feels comfortable allow students to move characters and speak the scene.  Some additional features are:

  • Colour characters
  • Storyboard stories
  • Allowing the students to get in groups or work individually on their own story
  • Upgrade and get more options for characters and scenes. 


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