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Kids Talking Apps Learning Bundle

Kids Talking Apps Learning Bundle will bring laughter and help to young users who are trying to improve on their speaking skills.  The first app, which is Toontastic, is a phenomenal app that will transport you into a new world of story telling.  talking tom freeIntroduce yourself and your child to story elements seen through boxes on the screen.  The narrator walks the user through each step of the story creation process, including Setting, Conflict, Challenge, Climax and Resolution.  Each scene the user artistically creates (changing colour and size) and then places the characters in the scene.  Teaching students how to drag, drop and move characters are part of working with this app.  Press play when the user is ready to speak the story and be recorded.  Each scene is crafted and catered artistically to the user’s desire.  View the product in a movie format on your mobile device, and/or upload onto the Toontastic website to be viewed on other home computers and laptops.  The other two apps are animals that mimic the user’s voice.  Whatever the user says, the animals say as well.  Please note that young users will need supervision and help with all three of these apps.  There are interactions, funny scenes and facial expressions that will make you smile and laugh, as you practice speaking skills.  All three of these apps are pretty amazing to any user and my Kids Talking Apps Learning Bundle will create wonderful virtual story telling opportunities.

To extend learning beyond the app, give your child or student an assignment to write a story including the components of a story stated in Toontastic.  Include written ideas on setting, characters, problem, climax and conclusion.  Depending on the age of the child, these activities will need to be adjusted.  In addition, prepare written scripts to be spoken for Talking Tom, and Talking Tom and Ben News for the user to present information with.  Kids Talking Apps Learning Bundle will get any user talking, laughing and learning, all at the same time!

Learning Opportunities

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Talking Tom for iPad

Talking Tom & Ben News for iPad


  • Virtual Storytelling
  • The users creates scenes for Setting, Conflict, Challenge, Climax and Resolution.
  • The user drags characters, settings and selects music for each scene.
  • Recording the users voice, this app allows the user to move the characters and stop recording when desired.
  • This is an amazing app for any user who loves story telling.
  • Upgrade includes many new characters, settings and much more.


  • An amazing 3-D interactive speaking cat
  • Make the cat talk and interact with it
  • Please Note: Supervision is strongly encouraged for younger users


  • An amazing speaking cat and dog
  • When the user speaks, the cat or dog speaks
  • Funny scenarios and activities happen in the Newsroom including water guns.
  • Please Note: Supervision is strongly encouraged for younger users


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