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Word Wheel App Learning Bundle

Teknos Interactive is an app company who has created a terrific educational app called Word Wheel: Short Vowels.  I have bundled this app with a whiteboard app called Explain Everything to enhance a child’s learning experience.  Word Wheel: Short Vowels is fantastic for the primary student who is trying to grasp sounds and learn how to speak and read properly.  This type of app is also great for the preschool child who is at a point where he or she is beginning to understand letter sounds and needs enhancement.

Often enough in preschool and the early years, teachers and parents need to sit down with their child to guide them through the sounds of simple words. word wheel short vowels  This app assists in that training process and enables the child to have some independence to learn about words by using a mobile device.

The second app is called Explain Everything, which is one that can be paired easily with the Word Wheel: Short Vowels app.  Explain Everything is a state of the art whiteboard app that helps the users record his or her voice while using a virtual white board.  The paid app version allows you to do everything from adding text, images and even transfer into a YouTube video.  What is very neat about this app is that parents and teachers can ask their child to look at words – such as a spelling list – and then the child can record his or her voice into the app.  Another wonderful feature is that ability for students to write on the virtual whiteboard, preferably with a proper mobile device pen.

Both of these apps are great for the small child who are learning the beginnings of the English language and would like to have a platform to springboard from smaller words to larger words.  Both apps in conjunction with each other will allow the parent or educator to check the child’s progress.


Thank you to Teknos Interactive for the privilege to review your apps: Word Wheel: Short Vowels.  Here is a Digital Literacy tutorial to enhance this review!

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Learning Opportunities and Digital Literacy Standards

 word wheel short vowels

Explain Everything 

Word Wheel: Short Vowels

Explain Everything


  • Learn and create simple words
  • Features include: Tutorial, Quiz Mode, Pick a Vowel and View All Words
  • Great for Preschool and early Primary students


  • Virtual Whiteboard
  • Allows text, images, drawing and uploading onto Explain Everything website and YouTube



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