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Word Exploration App Learning Bundle

I have taken three apps and placed them together to create my Word Exploration App Learning Bundle.  Word building is essential for our younger students and children, and with exposure comes the ability to build more vocabulary.

The first app, called Pixopop is a basic app that helps students learn about the vocabulary.  You can create and make words through Flashcards, Word Challenge and Spelling activities.  With the variety of activities children are bound to have tons of fun with this simple and easy app.

The second app called Annie’s Apple Picking 2 by Real Fun Learning.  This app is fantastic as there are so many layers of learning that can be done.  Not only are there activities for Math skills, Language skills and for Life skills, but the graphics are very engaging.  The app starts with introducing Annie, who is a squirrel.  anniespickingapplesheader1She is a little adventurous and has to go through different stations to complete the path.  Some of the activities are puzzles, Math concepts, Language concepts or different types of lLife Skill activities (such as baking).  This app can be used by young children, such as preschool and infants with parental or an educator’s help.  And older primary leveled students can work independently at station or at their desk on these activities.

The third app is Kids Learn Sight Words and can help your child develop a lengthy list of words to learn.  Use of sentences and pictures, develop a deeper understanding for students.  This app is simple and will be enjoyed by your child or student.

To extend learning beyond the app you can easily integrate reading books into these apps, by reading to students or your children and picking out words from a reading book.  Once the words are selected, then you can easily then write them down on a piece of paper for the child to remember, or refer to.

Thank you to Real Fun Learning for the privilege to review your app Annie’s Apple Picking 2, as well as create a Digital Literacy tutorial for it!

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Learning Opportunities and Digital Literacy Standards

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Pixopop Sight Words

Annie’s Apple Picking 2

Kids Learn Sight Words


Part 1: Flash Cards leveled 1 -24

  • The child taps on flash cards to listen to the words.

Part Two: Word Challenge is levels 1 – 24

  • You have three strikes.
  • You must tap the word that shows.
  • Adds a piece to the picture.

Part Three: Spelling

  • Press the words to spell the word.
  • You can also create a custom list.


  • Simple app showing different activities Annie must go through to accomplish her goal
  • Many life skills and words are integrated into this app
  • Work with puzzles, counting, words and more!


  • Sight Words do not follow normal sound/spelling connection.
  • They have to recognize to develop reading skills.
  • Commonly used to construct sentences.
  • In this App, you will see words on a line and then you use the picture to create the word.



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