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Touch of Classic’s App Learning Bundle

This two pack app bundle from Touch of Classic is a phenomenal bundle to transport into the world of drama, opera and traditional literature. These stories were both created centuries ago as stories, one of which turned into an opera and the other into a novel.  If your intermediate elementary or middle school child or students love drama and as well development of story development then this is the app bundle for you.

The first app, called The Tales of Hoffmann, is a wonderful app that shows the user the world of Hoffman, and his storytelling ability.  I used the Free version, so I will review the beginning scenes of the book/app.  The first scene is set in an old restaurant and a gentleman named Hoffman speaks with authority with his ability to share stories and allow the listener to be pulled into the Dramas he creates.  Tales of Hoffmann What is amazing about this app, is it is demonstration of how our communication of stories has evolved throughout the decades and centuries.  At one time, people had to go to the Opera to hear this story played out, and now it is in the user’s hands through an iBook or iPhone.  We have come a long way and this app shows the wonderful ability technology allows us.  This app has interactive games and shows many activities that allow the user to interact with the story.   If your children or students are in Middle School or upper intermediate elementary level, enjoys stories, then this app is for them.

The second app is The Adventures of Don Quixote, is based on a very famous story from Spain.  This character Don Quixote desires to be a knight and be courageous and the user journeys with the app through this imaginary world that Don Quixote has created in his mind.  This app is beautifully created and any user will delight in this memorable story.  The character of Don Quixote interacts with characters along the way and many of the time he gets in trouble.  A wonderful aspect to this app is that it is interactive and the user can drag, drop and activate different movements and actions in the different scenes.  It is lovely to see how there is a strong development of the plot, tragedy and bliss.  Any child who loves stories will enjoy this book, and specifically intermediate and older can reap a harvest of literacy understanding about plot, setting, characters and more.  Enjoy this traditional story coming to life through a virtual platform.  Thank you Touch of Classics for harnessing such a wonderful tale into an app that children can work with.

To extend learning beyond the apps, give your child the opportunity to learn more about the original manuscript for both apps.  Each of these apps were not created from a 21st Century mindset, but a mindset of centuries ago.  Have your students and children research what it was like to live back then.  You can also draw on the idea of plot development, as both stories have some well established dynamic characters.

Thank you to Touch of Classic for the privilege to review your apps, as well as create a video tutorial on The Tales of Hoffmann!



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Learning Opportunities and Digital Literacy Standards

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Tales of Hoffmann

The Tales of Don Quixote

Tales of Hoffmann

The Adventures of Don Quixote


  • Watch and read about the tales of romance, tragedy, intrigue and more
  • Based off of the opera, this is an opera turned into an app
  • Games, and drag and drop activities


  • Watch and read about The Story of Don Quixote
  • Games, and easy drag and drop activities


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