The Teacher Challenge

Ready!  Set!  Go!  Let’s do the Teacher Challenge!  Anyone in the world can do this challenge!  This was my twin sister’s idea.  She is an amazing teacher!

She phoned me this morning saying, “I have an idea about making a Teacher Challenge, based from the Ice Bucket ALS Challenge.”  Click HERE to learn more about their challenge!  This Teacher Challenge is meant to inspire you, teachers and your past educators who have encouraged you.  We all have had some pretty amazing teachers in our lives.  Sometime we forget to thank them, so here is your opportunity to show some of that love back to them.Love My Teacher Button

And as I sit here finishing this post, I really think in hindsight, I think I should have done a YouTube video saying that my sister and my Mom (who is also a teacher) have been my biggest inspirations to become an educator.  I guess I will have to wait for another time to post them a thank you.

So sit back and enjoy these videos, and if you are interested we would love for you to join in.  I have challenged Sherry Hall, Tracy Cramer and Chris Wejr to take on the challenge, to encourage a teacher!  Enjoy!

Stand and take off your hat for teachers!

It’s important we acknowledge teachers and their dedication to children and learning! They make a difference in this world!

This idea stemmed from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, to bring attention to children, education and teachers in British Columbia and beyond.

The Script

This is the Teacher Challenge.
My name is________ and I stand and take off my hat to teachers.
My favourite teacher is ___________ at ____________ school because _______________.

My roll call is ______________.
I stand for Education.


The Encouragement

Ann Pimentel’s (my sister’s) YouTube: The Teacher Challenge

My YouTube: The Teacher Challenge

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