I have decided to take the plunge and dive into the world of blogging.  Feeling a little uneasy as I jump into the deep end of this huge virtual ocean of cyberspace.  I firstly want to say that currently My Kid’s Locker is rate 13,167,759 in the world for websites.  Not doing too shabby since, a couple days ago it was around the 24 million mark.  Well I have a long journey to start and I am so happy you started it with me!

The reason for this website and blog was inspired by many reasons.  Firstly, this is my hobby and I love teaching technology tools.  I have always loved how technology integrates into learning and the classroom and I thoroughly enjoy all the different gadgets an educator has inspire others with.  I completed my Masters of Educational Leadership over a decade ago and one of my professors said to me, “If you want to create a website, start now, because years from now only the best will be creating them.”  In some sense he was right, because the website design business has exploded over the last 10 years and I think many different ideas have been created on the internet from Pinterest to Facebook in the last 15 years.  I have played around with Blogger, Google websites, Weebly and even the local teachers’ software called First Class.  However, I always wanted to have my own domain name and feel independent from the already-in-a-package websites.  In March, I branched out and took the dive into WordPress, after thinking I was going to do the Adobe Software route.  There were two teachers who inspired me to create my educational website.  So, thank you to Ann Pimentel who currently blogs at and also Mike MacFadden who directed me to WordPress who blogs at

I started a website on school supplies, but soon realized after my competitor analysis that there were way too many competitors.  I had a parent also approach me several months ago and she was interested in finding recommended app for her son in Grade Four.  I emailed her a list I had received from my sister, who had gotten the list from a New Westmister school.  The parent was so happy and I began to realize that parents and teachers need a website for recommended apps and technologies that can be used with their children and students for educational reasons.  This website is based on apps bundled together for learning purposes.  I have also included learning outcomes that will be met by students when working on the bundle, or specific app.

This website is a learning resource.  Kind of like a technology trampoline for those who need ideas, learning opportunities and apps.  I hope you enjoy this just as much as I have enjoyed created it for you.


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Hi! My name is Victoria Woelders from Vancouver, Canada. I blog about technology, teaching and life as a Mom. This blog is a journey of my passions, inspirations and moonshot thinking.


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