Gr. 3 – 5

Teaching about Money Learning Bundle

Money is a concept that is in every facet of life, and in schools the concept of money is addressed in some form from Kindergarten all the way up to Grade 12.  This bundle will help the elementary school teacher teach about the concepts of Money and Rounding.  For those of you that have many iPads into your classroom, then I urge you to use Apple TV or Reflector software to use a projector in your classroom because then students can show their working through the projector.  This app was originally designed for Special Needs to grasp Life Skills, however it’s user-friendly and when using this app it can be great for any elementary school classroom.

The Digital Literacy Curriculum asks educators to integrate technology into their teaching practices from Kindergarten to Grade 12. As parents, educators and onlookers, dollar upit is important to learn about what that looks like in our elementary school classroom.  Software, websites and educational app bundles will play a crucial role to meet these learning outcomes.

This post focuses on the Grade 3-5 learning outcome of Select and apply digital tools to collect, organize, and analyze data to evaluate theories or test hypothesesThis learning outcome is approached through using Dollar Up! app as a digital tool to collect information from the screen, organize the money and then analyze the information to make a correct decision.  Students are able to use different activities to accomplish the demonstration of rounding numbers, money and comprehending the dollar bills and coinage needed to solve the task at hand.  Teachers can use Dollar Up!  with their students if there is one device, many devices and/or a plethora of mobile devices.  This lesson is on teaching basic Money skills for elementary students kids, and special needs who are developing Life Skills.  Life Skills are important for any student at any level, therefore this is why I believe that this app is so valuable.

Regarding Empathy Section:  Each one of my lessons integrates kids learning about using technology to connect with others in a positive and uplifting manner.  Specifically the emotion of Empathy is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.  I recently heard a teacher call it Ethical Digital Citizenship.  I tend to focus more on the empathy aspect because I believe this is very important to develop in young children.  I believe if we start talking about caring, empathy and kindness, as well as practicing feeling about being in another person’s shoes then there can be a change and lowering of cyberbullying incidents, and the raising of ethics online and better treatment of each other through technology.

Grade 3 – Grade 5

Select and apply digital tools to collect, organize, and analyze data to evaluate theories or test hypotheses

Digital Tools: Virtual software used to enhance and implement educational strategies.

Grade Three to Grade Five

Select and apply digital tools to collect, organize, and analyze data to evaluate theories or test hypotheses.

BC’s 3 Cross-Curricular Competencies Matching Digital Literacy Standards
Communication (C) Communication and Collaboration (CC)
Research and Information Fluency (RI)
Thinking (T) Research and Information Fluency (RI)
Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making  (CPD)
Creativity and Innovation (CI)
Personal and Social (PS) Digital Citizenship (DC)
Technology Operations and Concepts (TOC)

  • Ask the students to discuss about donations.  When you are at the supermarket has you parent ever been asked to donate by rounding to the closest dollar?
  • Take some time to do look at websites that fund raise for non-profit organizations.  What are the amounts they offer their viewers to donate?  Are they rounded numbers?

One Device (One Laptop)

Many Devices


  • Use Dollar Up! app to integrate Money concepts
  • Ask students to work with their iPad to create accounts and work through the activities
  • Each Dollar Up! app can be altered in the Settings to meet the level of the class or student



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