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Talking ABC App Learning Bundle

Here’s the latest update on this app:

Also, Talking ABC is now also available in French, German, Russian and UkrainianThe French version is currently available – in the month of February 2015 – at no cost for a limited time.

The Alphabet is essential in the early learning years and these three apps I have bundled together for the Talking ABC App Learning Bundle will help young users develop a good foundation for language skills.  For any young family, there is a want to help your child learn the basics of the English language.  At times learning the Alphabet can become mundane.  I have the following apps to help put the excitement back into learning about the Alphabet.

The three apps all center around skill development.  talkingabcfunanimals The first app Little Matchups ABC – Alphabet Letters and Phonics Matching Game approaches learning in a fun and interactive way.  Use this app to learn the alphabet through games.  The second app called Talking ABC is developed by Jutiful Ltd. and shows the child the wonderful world of the Alphabet and what animals can be found with that letter of the alphabet. Children who love going to the zoo and are intrigued with animals will absolutely delight in this app.  The third app is ABC Tracer and is one that is a staple among many educational iPads in schools.  This app is simple, easy and fun to use.  Students use this app to trace letters.  Using the paid version is better because it allows the user access to all the letters of the alphabet.

To extend learning, I would encourage parents and teachers to work with printing the letters through worksheets, journal writing and other means of writing.  Explore also the speaking side of learning the Alphabet and have students repeat the letter and then enhance the learning by asking the students to think of a creature that starts with the letter of the Alphabet you are using.

Thank you to Real Fun Learning for the privilege to review your app Talking ABC for my Talking ABC App Learning Bundle, as well as to create a Digital Literacy tutorial!

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Learning Opportunities

Little Matchups


ABC Tracer

Little Matchups ABC – Alphabet Letters and Phonics Matching Game

Talking ABC . . .

Abc Tracer


  • Learn the Sounds and Letters of the Alphabet.
  • Drag and drop the letters next to their match.
  • Features:  Sounds, Letter bounces away if Incorrect; Play button sounds a letter and clear letters.
  • Great app for learning Alphabet sounds.
  • Please note:  Can be used independently or with instruction.


  • Claymation Style App
  • Allows the user to touch on letters of the alphabet and turn into creatures
  • Practices connection of letters to real world


  • Paid – Additional Features
  • Plays ABC Song and sound comes when user touches the letter.
  • The Categories:  ABC; 123; ABC Song; Pop & Learn; Quiz; Words and Paint.
  • Many great activities, such as draw over dots to create letters; pop balloons in alphabetical order.



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