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Spelling Apps for Elementary Kids

Early Learning Bundle

Spelling Apps for Elementary Kids Early Learning Bundle will help your child build an important vocabulary foundation.  Spelling has always been an important component of the elementary school curriculum.Spellingbug It remains a constant homework assignment almost every week throughout the elementary school years.  There are endless words to learn and explore with.  These two apps will help anyone practice Spelling words.  Both are Spelling Bug apps, but they are two separate versions with different features (see below).  My Spelling Apps for Elementary Kids Early Learning Bundle is ideal for any child in Grade Four or under.   User-friendly apps that will make you and your child smile!  Enjoy!

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Learning Opportunities




Spelling Bug

Spelling Bug 2


  • Look at picture and word stated.
  • Drag letters to box to spell the word.
  • There are only short words.
  • There are no positive or negative responses
  • The app forces the drag to the correct place or it bounces back.


  • There are six chapters under categories.
  • The subcategories include Learn and Try.
  • For Learn a picture is viewed, then letters and words are stated.
  • For Try the picture is present and letters are dragged.



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