Spectacular Life Science Apps

These spectacular Life Science apps are great!  Every little scientist deserves great apps to learn from.  Well, I have some good news!  I have found two wonderful little Science apps to help the little scientist; the educator and the parent who are looking for great virtual learning tools for Science.  In British Columbia, the primary years of school are all about learning about Life – from life cycles to plants to growth.  Both of these apps are great for that!

The first is the Naming Parts of Plants and Animals, which is a user-friendly app where children drag and drop images to the proper place on the screen.  The children learn about plants and animals in a fun and interactive way. labelingapp The plants and animals the app addresses are: a basic plant, tree, wilting plant, horse and insect.  The app also has a voice component that will help very young users understand the lesson easily.




The second app is Life Stages, which goes into the life stages of the butterfly, the chicken, the flower, the frog, the human and the tree.  lifecycleappThe students drag and drop the parts or the words to the proper places to learn about these Science concepts.

These two apps are simple and user-friendly.  They are also fantastic for the teacher or home school parent who is teaching these Science concepts.



So grab your iPad and grab some of these promo codes before they are all gone!

Naming Parts of Plants and Animals


plants app






Life Stages








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