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Science Apps for Kids Physics App Learning Bundle

Finding Science apps for kids Physics can be challenging to come by.  This bundle has three intriguing Science apps that have phenomenal graphics.  Helping the user to become aware of simple machines, motion, forces and movement are all a part of these three magnificent apps.  Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope Experiments sets the task for the user to feed a little monster by allowing the user to “cut ropes”, swing objects and propel thing through on the screen.  The user can collect the stars and try to complete the activity in a short timely manner.  The second app, Amazing Alex is also a manipulating app, where dragging, swiping and tapping your fingers or mouse are important in completing the science task.  Both apps also draw on simple machines to enhance the user’s knowledge.

To extend learning, users can create their own contraptions to make objects move through simple machines and other means.  Two wonderful examples used at home and at school for the young user to be challenged is to set a mouse trap to trap a mouse, or catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day.  Setting up items, such as pulleys, levers, and other simple machines to reach a catch something is an application that is fun for any young user.  Science Apps for Kids Physics Learning Bundle will keep the kids happy, learning, and engaged for a long time.  In addition, many younger users can use the Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope Experiments apps without much frustration because of their interactive nature with stars glowing, things moving across the screen and an easy finger swipe to attempt to reach your goal.  Have a blast moving, swiping and dragging to feed your monster and trying to reach your goal!

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Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope – Experiments

Amazing Alex


  • Cutting the Rope to Drop the Food into the Monsters Mouth
  • Topics include Simple Machines, Gravity, Movement and Motion


  • Fun Experiments Theme
  • Cutting the Rope to Drop the Food into the Monsters Mouth
  • Topics include Simple Machines, Gravity, Movement and Motion


  • Free
  • There is also a paid version, but we have included the free one only in this bundle.
  • Exploration of Forces and Motions in a fun and an entertaining manner.
  • Manipulate and move items on the screen to make object move and accomplish the goal.
  • Please Note:  Younger users may have problems manipulating the objects to place them on the screen appropriately.  The levels are very challenging and frustrating for younger users, so supervision is encouraged.

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