Three Apps Included

Practice on Math Basics and Fractions App Learning Bundle

These Three Apps will Help any User to Practice the Concepts of Math Basics and Fractions.  We have Included an App with Virtual Math Manipulatives.  Enjoy this Great Trio Math Bunch.

Oh No Fractions! CURIOUS HAT

Virtual Manipulatives

iTooch Math Grade 5 Lite EDUPAD


Virtual Manipulatives

iTooch Math 5 Lite


  • This fractions game is a way of learning fractions by comparing; adding; subtracting; multiplying and dividing fractions.
  • There is also a bar graph that is shown to assist in the visual instruction.
  • Please read the instructions (written in white) at the top of each page, as they can be missed easily.
  • The Cheat Sheet explains the rules to the game.
  • There is a Statistics page to keep a record of your progress.


  • A virtual set of fraction bars.
  • There are three tabs on the main screen: Fractions; Decimals, and Percents.
  • Click on one at a time and the appropriate screen will slide in.
  • Draw the colored bars across the screen and into the white canvas.
  • Virtual tools, such as a pencil and an eraser, are provided.
  • Instruction will need to aid the child in using this app.


  • Super Math App for Intermediate Students.
  • Features include: Practice and Test Modes; Skip Questions; Writing Note Pad; Change Grading System and User Feedback.
  • Please Note:  There is a Paid Version as well, but we did not Include it in this Bundle.

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