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Playing with Shapes & Sandwiches! The Sandwich Chef!

Sandwich Chef by Duckie Deck is great for children to learn basic Math skills, Language Skills, Healthy Eating and Life Skills.  Kids will have fun playing with their digital food.  In this Digital Literacy tutorial, I have a five-year-old and a seven-year-old learning about Shapes, and we discuss about the shapes seen on the screen.  Although this Digital Literacy tutorial is a brief introduction to discussions on Shapes, there are different curriculum subjects that can be met. sandwich chef This app is perfect for young children, such as Preschool and infants with parental help or an educator’s help.

Kids are intrigued and interested in this app because it is practical and it allows children to create their own open-faced sandwiches.  Getting children to create their own virtual sandwiches, might even inspire them to create real life ones.

As a parent and/or an educator, you can take Sandwich Chef and use it as a springboard to build language skills by talking about the steps involved in making a sandwich, and talk about healthy eating as well.  Click HERE to learn more about this wonderful app.




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