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  1. Enter to Win X-Mirage Mirroring Software

    Enter to Win Quick!  Subscribe!  Subscribe and be entered to win one in three chances to get software from X-Mirage allowing you to mirror your Apple products.  You can install this software on your MacBook and then allow your iOS...
  2. Move over Minecraft, Exploration is here!

    Grab a Promo Code Quick!  Minecraft-like Game is Awesome! Quick grab your iPads and get a free promo code now!  Do you like Minecraft?  Have you heard of Exploration app?  Exploration is very similar to Minecraft, except it doesn’t have...
  3. Fantastic X-Mirage Software!

    Fantastic X-Mirage Software Are you a teacher, a student or a presenter interested in showcasing what is on your iPad onto a bigger screen?  Are you wanting a software to mirror your iPad or iOS device onto you MacBook or Windows...
  4. Amazing Nutrition App for Kids

    Quick!  Grab your iPad!  Are you looking for an app to teach Nutrition?  Grab this app before all the promo codes run out because it teaches children what good nutrition is and how we can create a healthy meal.  We...

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Hi! My name is Victoria Woelders from Vancouver, Canada. I blog about technology, teaching and life as a Mom. This blog is a journey of my passions, inspirations and moonshot thinking.

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