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Multiplication Math Apps for Kids Learning Bundle

Multiplication Math Apps for Kids Learning Bundle is a fantastic bundle filled with flashcards, lessons and games that will help any user understand the basics of multiplication.  By the intermediate levels in elementary school, teachers expect students to master the basic understanding of multiplication, however students get frustrated because they had difficulty with the foundational concepts of multiplication, such as addition and grouping.  I have found in my experience teaching intermediate students, flashcards can help students at all levels.  Frustrated parents and teachers try to help students one-on-one, and with time and effort are able to see results, but with the Multiplication Math Apps for Kids Learning Bundle we can help our children and students succeed by giving them the right apps to equip them to grow and understand multiplication concepts.  Rest assured, I believe these are the right apps to help your child learn multiplication skills.

Extending learning beyond the app is done through worksheets, manipulatives (using blocks or hands on items to grasp the concepts) and flashcards.  Practicing mental math strategies for multiplication and applying multiplication to life circumstances can enhance the learner’s understanding of the concept of multiplication.  As mentioned above, manipulatives are a wonderful way to integrate hands-on activities.  Bring out some Cherrios and have the children group the Cherrios into multiple groups. Multiplication Math Apps for Kids Learning Bundle will bring about a solid understanding of multiplication skills.  Have fun and enjoy Math apps, as I sure have had fun playing them!


MathTappers Multiples  HEAVY LIFTERS NETWORK


Motion Math Wings MOTION MATH

MathTappers: Multiples

I am a MultiplyWiz

Motion Math Wings and Pro


  • Quick and Easy Multiplication and Division Virtual Flashcards.
  • Features:  Focus Factors on Numbers from 2 to 15 and then in Groups 2-5; 6-10 and 11-15
  • The User can Change the Range from Up to 5 to Up to 15
  • Click on the Correct Answer
  • The Answer Disappears if Correct and Turns Red if Incorrect.


  • Multiplication Flash card App
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Categories: Play; Profile (correct and incorrect answers) and World (connect with others).
  • Multiplication Levels
  • Sound off/on
  • Calculator-like Answer Pad
  • Allows Skipping
  • If Wrong it will State “Wrong” and “Asks User to Try again Later” or “OK”
  • Sounds for Correct and Incorrect Answers and Clearing Answers.


  • This app focuses on number concepts.
  • It prepares the user for understanding multiplication.
  • The user must tilt the device left or right to hit the highest number.
  • The instructions are clear and there are three different areas visited.
  • Please Note:  It is important the user is able to safely tilt the device.

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