Microsoft Camp 21! Learning about Office 365 Learning Tools!

Microsoft event today!  Camp 21!  Today at Yorkson Creek Middle!  Friday, February 24, 2017 a Professional Development at Yorkson Creek Middle School in Langley, British Columbia, Canada will be happening.  Thank you to Microsoft Canada for funding our event and getting some amazing resources for the event.

Here is my presentation on the Microsoft Educator’s Portal and Skype in the Classroom


To go to the Microsoft Educator Portal to learn more about setting up an account click down below

Also here is the Skype video I showed in my presentation

Want to Learn More?

For more about this event please check out my Twitter page at @vwoelders, as well as check out our recent email to the attendees below:

The presenters, we will have four Microsoft Trainers running the event:

  • Chris Astoria, Langley School District – Microsoft Educator Expert
  • Jonathan Dueck, Langley School District – Microsoft Educator Expert
  • James Gill, Coquitlam School District – Microsoft Educator Expert and Microsoft Fellow
  • And me . . . Victoria Woelders, Langley School District – Microsoft Educator Expert and Surface Pro Expert

Microsoft has sponsored our event and we will be providing a catered events with muffins, coffee, and Subway meals for lunch.  Camp 21 is a Microsoft event name that our event will fall under.  So, if you are on social media please #think35, #camp21 and #microsoftevent to thank Microsoft for sponsoring our event.  


Check out our Schedule!


  • Meet in the Library


  • Session One
    • Welcome, Skype in the Classroom and Microsoft Portal
    • Victoria Woelders
  • Session Two
    • Office 365 Applications with focus on Microsoft Word and Cloud Storage in his Classroom
    • Jonathan Dueck



  • Session Three – Tag Teaming 
    • Office 365 Applications with focus on Microsoft One Note
    • Chris Astoria
    • Office 365 Veteran of 3 Years: Class Notebook and Q & A Session
    • James Gill



  • Afternoon Session

Do you have more questions?  Are you interested to learn more?

Optional Networking Opportunities at Yorkson Creek Middle and Dorothy Peacock Elementary 

At Yorkson Creek Middle: James Gill and Chris Astoria
At Dorothy Peacock Elementary Location: VIctoria Woelders and Jonathan Dueck









  1. Bev

    February 24, 2017

    Victoria…You are simply amazing…You put a lot of work into this. Your presentation will be great. CONGRATULATIONS on all the effort that you put into this topic.
    Love from your special admirer…MOM


      February 25, 2017

      Thanks Mom for your comment and your encouragement. The event was a success! Everyone came away with new knowledge and excitement about the Office 365 and the roll out in our school district in the Spring.

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