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Math Apps for Kids Number Practice Learning Bundle

Math Apps for Kids Number Practice Learning Bundle creates a wonderful way to learn and play Math games in a digital way.  These apps have a power packed bundle of activities that will keep you intrigued for hours.  All three of these apps focus on learning and practicing numbers.  Virtual flashcards are a great way to practice rote learning for the user, and I find them quick and easy to use.

Math can often be troubling for some children at the elementary school level because Math concepts tend to build on each other.  For example, the concept of Addition is necessary for the concept of Multiplication.  I found that these apps break down Math concepts into easy practice lessons.  The apps also allow the user to discover whether he or she is retaining the math concepts being taught or evaluated.

To extend learning, take time to play with Math flashcards, and practice Math through the use of card games. Basic Math flashcards bought at the local dollar store will suffice.  As for the card games, there is one with many versions that I would recommend.  The first one would be an Addition version of “War”.  Each student has half of the deck in their hands.  Each player turns over one of their cards to show the other player.  Whoever can add the numbers together the fastest will take the two cards.  Queens, Kings, Jacks and Aces are assigned numbers as well, such as 12, 11, 10 and 1.  To enhance and create different varieties of the card game War, you can also use subtraction and multiplication.  Use Division, however this could be very challenging for younger users.  I believe complimenting Math Apps for Kids Number Practice Learning Bundle with this Mathematical War game is a wonderful way to go “beyond the app” learning.  Enjoy!


123 Tracer Free  HETAL SHAH

2nd Grade Math STUDYPAD INC.

Addition Wiz

123 Tracer

Splash Math 2


  • Addition Flashcard App.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Categories: Play; Profile (correct and incorrect answers); World (connect with others).
  • Features:  Addition Levels;  Sound off/on; Calculator-like Answer Pad; Allows Skipping; Sounds for Correct and Incorrect Answers and Clearing Answers.


  • This in a mega app bundle has many learning games.
  • The games are: Trace Me; Count Me; Skip Me; Punch Me (listening one); Add Me and Subtract Me.
  • For example: In Skip Me there are eight activities within the game.
  • Find odd numbers
  • Find numbers in descending order and find even numbers are three of eight activities within this one game.
  • Some of the terminology is higher than a Grade One level, however the concepts are Grade One concepts.


  • This app is a mega app bundle that helps develop basic Math facts.
  • Seen through an aquarium, there are prizes to be won; math facts to be learned and practice.
  • Chapters include Place Value; Counting and Number Patterns; One Digit Addition; Two Digit Addition; One Digit Subtraction; Two Digit Subtraction; Time; Measurement; Geometry; Data; Money; Three Digit Addition; Three Digit Subtraction.
  • There is a Summary page where user’s Performance, Weak Skills and Strong Skills are shown.
  • Settings can be changed to cater to the user.  History page recollects the past tests.
  • Although the app states “2”, there are some concepts and vocabulary that are above the average Grade Two student.

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