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Little Scientist Matching and Alphabet App Learning Bundle

I have taken three apps and bundled them up to teach matching and alphabet skills.  Little Scientist Matching and Alphabet Learning Bundle is a great way to get your child to discover his or her world virtually.  These three apps are terrific for the little child in your life who would like to learn more about animals, space and science.  There are many children apps out there promoting early literacy skills and early numeracy skills, the difference between those apps and the three I have chosen are the enhancement in learning value.

The first app, which is perfect for Christian preschoolers and primary students is Noah’s Ark – The Matching Game HD.  This app has a Christian focus, yet can used by any child to develop the understanding of matching and patterns. ABC for Little Space Explorers In the younger years of life, children enjoy the challenge of matching. This unique app, shows the children the answers first, and then the virtual cards get turned over and they must try to find the matching pairs of animals.  The male version of the animal and the female version of the animal need to be coupled together. For children who are upper primary, they can challenge themselves with the timer.  It is lovely to see an app used in Christian private schools to enhance the learning of identifying patterns through a Christian medium of Noah’s Ark.

The second app named ABC for Little Space Explorer. This fascinating app will need an adult to sit and work with the young user because the ideas and concepts used will need to be read.  This app brings the user through the world of the alphabet in a Space theme. It is so beautiful to see the graphics that are used in this little app.  I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the three- dimensional images that interact with the user. Phenomenal use of vocabulary and developing understandings of Space terms.  Many of these terms young users will not be familiar with, however this is why the app is so wonderful for exposing children to a whole new vocabulary and understanding of Space terms that would not have normally be understood. This app is excellent for any little astronaut in your life.   Also, this app can be used for upper primary or lower intermediate for a Space Unit. Enjoy discovering our Solar System!

The third app, called ABC for little Scientist, brings a child into a world of the alphabet seen through Science.  The app is simply laid out and user-friendly.  It is a beautiful way to enhancing learning of Science concepts and have the children interact with great graphics.  Any young child will delight in using this app to explore the virtual world.  Common Extract leads the children through different Science topics from Space to Seeds.  Older children can springboard from this app into studying the specific topics presented in this app, such as B for Bacteria, and the children can do some more research about a Science topic fascinating them to understand the benefits of each app in the area of learning about compassion and caring.

These three apps are dynamic apps to get your little child to enjoy learning.  Use these three together to enhance learning in the areas of Patterning, Matching, and Science.

To extend learning beyond the app, give your child or student an assignment select an Animal from Noah’s Ark, Space topic and/or a Science topic of their choice.  Allow them to dive deeper into understanding the topic and gather more information from the internet on these topics. These three apps can enhance discovery, learning and understanding of many Scientific topics. Enjoy discovering!

Thank you to Common Extract for the privilege to review your apps, as well as create a video tutorial on ABC for Little Space Explorer!

Click HERE to see the video tutorial

Learning Opportunities

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ABC for Little Space Explorers

ABC Scientist

Noah’s Ark – The Matching Game HD

ABC for Little Space Explorer

ABC for Little Scientist


  • Match the coupled animals – one male and one female
  • The user is able to see the answers prior to start
  • There is a timer
  • Perfect for Christian Families and Christian Schools


  • Alphabet themed app
  • Focused on a Space theme
  • Perfect for those students who love Space
  • Enhancement and indepth learning is available for each topic
  • Some complicated terms, therefore adult help is needed
  • Fantastic graphics and interactive features


  • Alphabet themed app
  • Focused on a Science theme
  • Awesome Science topics under each letter of the alphabet
  • Explore and interact with each letter
  • Wonderful app and very user friendly


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