Letters and Sounds Bundle

Three Apps Included

Letters and Sounds App Learning Bundle

Is Your Child or Student trying to Learn Letters and Sounds?  These Easy to Use Apps will be Enjoyed by Any Learner trying to Develop the English Language.

Starfall ABCs

Phonics Awareness

Phonics Advanced


  • Alphabet Practice
  • Word shows with an image, user touches letter, the letter sound is heard and word is segmented into sounds (broken down) and a sentence appears.
  • Wonderful for learning the letters, sounds, and segmenting.


  • “Check Yourself” that evaluates their ability.
  • App assists in demonstrating understanding of spoken words, syllables and sounds.
  • Three sections: Segment – drag letters in sound segments: look at picture and what letter does this start with.
  • Blend- place the bug on the word (the word is sounded out).
  • Vowel – 5 specials words that are called vowels and sounds the vowel in the word.
  • Check Yourself – how many words are in this sentence.
  • Please note:  Does not note if the answer is wrong.


  • Phonics Tutorials and Activities.
  • Features:  Parent and Teacher section; slow talking instruction and easy visuals to drag and drop.
  • Categories: Digraphs; 1 Syllable Words; Vowel Teams; Syllables; Inflectional Endings; Check Yourself.
  • Teaches about blends and other phonic strategies.
  • The user will learn an drag words together.
  • “Check Yourself” can be used as a pre-test or post-test to determine if the student understands the concepts.

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