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Learning Words App Learning Bundle

Get Ready to Learn Words in a Fun and Refreshing Way.  All Three of these Superstar Apps will Entertain any User an Help them Enhance their Vocabulary

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Word Monsters

Play Sight Words Gr 1 & 2

Sight Words


Play Sight Words: Gr. 1& 2


  • Learn Sight Words App.
  • Categories:  Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Nouns.
  • Full Screen Sight Words; Voice Automated when Touched with Finger; Shuffle Mode; Favorite Options


  • Join Animated Characters in many Different Activities, while they Learn to Read.
  • Each title uses Step-by-Step Instructions to provide Phonices, Comprehension and Vocabulary;  Interactive Pages and Sounds out letters for each word within the sentences when touched;  Press the Red Listening button and the Sentence will be Spoken; Parent/Teacher Information includes Word Count; High Frequency Words; Decodable Word List and Phonics Focus.
  • Book Titles:  Hello; Fun in the Sun; Tag’s Big Bag; The Van; Can You See Me?; Pig in a Wig?
  • Categories under Each Book Title:  Read on Your Own; Read to Me; and Activities. Please Note:  This app is very cute and is wonderful for the younger user.


  • Learn Words through Games
  • Sounds out Letters in a Word
  • If Wrong x comes up and if correct a compliment is shared
  • Words are reenforced in many different ways
  • Categories:  World Tour; Find n Shoot; Unscramble; Memory Game; Bingo and Practice Words

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