Duckie Deck Gotta Go App Helps Kids and Parents

Grab your iPad!  This app helps kids and parents!  Come redeem some great promo codes for a great new app from Duckie Deck Development called Duckie Deck Gotta Go!

Are you in the stages of teaching your young child how to potty train?  Are you wanting your child to learn about the process in a fun and safe way?  Duckie Deck has created an app for families with young children who are going through the trials of the potty.  Duckie Deck Gotta Go app is a great app to help that transition go smoothly and create some laughs along the way.

Duckie Deck Gotta Go app begins with a monster sitting on a toilet.  He begins to eat all the food the user drags to his mouth.  The food the monsters eat are from healthy food to junk food and this becomes a learning opportunity for children too.  The parents can talk to their child about the importances of healthy food and ask the children to pick out the junk food and the healthy food on the screen.  This food then shows the monster digesting the food and when it is time “to go” the monster then goes into the toilet.  The app shows kids the process of the joys of potty training . . . believe it or not.  The app has fun graphics that make these monsters look so very cute.

Many parents, including myself and my husband, had challenges potty training our two young children.  However, ever parent has to go through that bathroom gauntlet, and I think this app can help ease the stress that may be created along the way.

So grab your iPad and take one of these promo codes that are yours for the taking.  And enjoy your children having fun with this sweet little app called Gotta Go!  You can also click on the image below to learn more!


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