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Why was My Kid’s Locker created?

There are over 800,000 apps and counting in the Apple Store alone!  Frustrated families and educators search for educational apps.  I take the best apps and Digital Literacy Resources used on devices in schools and at homes and blog about them.  I review the apps on grade appropriate levels for the user to be independent and entertainment.  I then place them in Grade appropriate levels where we feel the user can be successful and confident.  I help children, families and educators to learn in a confident and safe way through apps.  I also have resources for those interested in becoming a Google Educator.

What can parents do?

Children play apps randomly downloaded and often parents do not know which ones are the best.  I have reviewed many school district apps in the Vancouver area.  We only post those apps that have educational value and place them in their appropriate categories.  I also try our best to provide as many free apps as possible.

What can educators do?

I do my best to put only apps that could meet prescribed learning outcomes from the British Columbia Ministry of Education.  These prescribed learning outcomes can be found in the Learning Opportunities section.  Teachers can confidently bring in iPads to their classrooms and meet their students learning needs.  In addition, teachers can group students to learn through different apps about different subjects.

What happens when you subscribe?

Many educators, administrators, Google Educators, kids and families are interested in free apps and updates on the latest Digital Literacy Resources.  I offer regular posts for everyone.

What can schools, administrators and district teachers do?

This website is a resource for those who need to find educationally sound and safe apps.  Please contact us through the Contact page for further information.

What can mobile device manufacturers Do?

Do you have an app in need of a review or a group of apps you would like an educator to bundle?  I am here for you.  I only select the best educational apps to promote through this website.  I will review your app if you send me a promo code and then I will give you a free post, in which you can promote through your Social Media streams.  Please contact us through the Contact page to further this discussion.




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Why Blog?

Hi! My name is Victoria Woelders from Vancouver, Canada. I blog about technology, teaching and life as a Mom. This blog is a journey of my passions, inspirations and moonshot thinking.


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