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Are you a teacher, a student or a presenter interested in showcasing what is on your iPad onto a bigger screen?  Are you wanting a software to mirror your iPad or iOS device onto you MacBook or Windows PC for presentations or recordings for YouTube?  Interested in learning more?  I have an answer for you!  X-Mirage software is for you.

In the past, I have used Reflector, and I have enjoyed using it, however, there are some problems I met with using it.  Reflector is a software that allows your iPad project onto your MacBook, however in the recent year I have found it glitchy when I have presented in front of my class.  I have also noticed when I use a screen recorder, called Quicktime to record my screen to put into YouTube, it does not record the voice of the presenter.  Frustrated with this product so I looked to X-Mirage!  Click on any image on this page and you can purchase the product now.


Luckily, I have found X-Mirage software that records the presenters voice and allows for user-friendly ability to project onto your MacBook.  This software called X-Mirage is a wonderful tool used in classrooms and homes internationally.  You can view your content on your iPad or iOS device by mirroring your iOS (Apple) products and Windows PC to a bigger screen.  You can have multiple iOS products shown on the screen too.  Click on icon below to purchase for Apple or Windows!  I absolutely love the idea of recording my voice and not having to worry about copying my audio onto my screen recording. Definitely check out this product that is a refreshing way of screen recording that isn’t glitchy.


This is a bloggers thoughts on X-Mirage.  He also shows you the “How To”.  It displays and records my voice.  Check out his blog post and his video here:


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