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The Exploration iBooks Learning Bundle

This is the second part to the Digital Learning iBook Learning Bundle.  I have taken two more iBooks from Learning Infinity and bundled them up as the Exploration iBooks Learning Bundle.  The first bundle I did with Learning Infinity was generalized, whereas this bundle is specifically addresses environments.  These two environments are the underwater environment and the rainforest environment.  These two iBooks will leave you breathless with the amount of information, detail, graphics and stunning display of these two beautiful environments.

The first iBook, which is The Ocean Adventure will bring the reader into the world of aquatics.  I have also created a Digital Literacy video tutorial for this iBook, please see below for more details.  This iBooks goes deep into information about the life under the sea and what there is to know about the creatures that inhabit this magical world.  OceanAdventure Learning Infinity challenges the young reader with detailed descriptions of fish, mammals, predators, prey and other sea creatures.  There is also a section on puzzles, word search, sketch pad and a matching game.  If your child or student is in Middle School or upper intermediate elementary level, and enjoys underwater adventures, then this is the iBook for him or her.

The second iBook, called Explore the Rainforest and it a phenomenal iBook to use as the basis for research on animals and species found in this fascinating environment.  Learn about monkeys, birds and fish that are found in the midst of this rainforest paradise.  The iBook has beautiful graphics that display the rainforest as an environment worth fighting for.  There is also information presented about the damage happening to the rainforest and how people need to be aware of the effects of this to our world.  This iBook includes photos, puzzles and a sketch pad for the user to interact with.  This iBook will help any user learn to love the rainforest and dive into the tropical paradise this eco-system offers to our earth.

To extend learning beyond the iBooks, give your child the opportunity to research related issues and species of the rainforest.  Explore the internet and other resources to find out what it is like to live in the rainforest.  Have students create a graphic organizer to sort the facts they learn from this iBook.  As a teacher, I can challenge my students to a debate between those who want to cut down the rainforest and those that do not want to cut down the rainforest.  Discussion and debate can be exciting experiences for students learning about controversial issues, especially when it involved the rainforest.

Thank you to Learning Infinity for the privilege to review your iBooks, as well as create a video tutorial on The Ocean Adventure!



Click HERE if you can’t see the above video – the Digital Literacy Tutorial on The Ocean Adventure

Learning Opportunities and Digital Literacy Standards

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Explore the Rainforest

An Ocean Adventure

Explore the Rainforest


  • Read about the Ocean
  • Pictures, Photos Puzzles, Interactive Activities and More


  • Read about the Rainforest
  • Pictures, Photos, Puzzles, Interactive Activities and More


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