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Digital Literacy iBooks Learning Bundle

I have taken three iBooks from Learning Infinity and bundled them up as the Digital Literacy iBooks Learning Bundle.  Normally I focus solely on apps from the Apple or Android app store, however these three iBooks are so well done that any educator, student or parent will be delighted to use such rich iBooks.  There is a movement now in the province of British Columbia to developing Digital Literacy standards and implement them in classrooms across the province.  Digital Literacy is important in order for us to prepare our students for the future and create learners who explore and delve into inquiry.  I believe that these three iBooks is a platform for students to carry out these new standards

The first app, which is The Road to Greatness allows the reader to dive into the world of composers, scientists, humanitarians, and more.  These are famous people who have had trials and tribulations, but have overcome them to see greatness. Around the World in a Day  The app contains beautiful graphics that explore the world of famous individuals.  There is a description of their life’s journey and includes photos, puzzles and a sketchpad for the user to interact with.  This iBook will help any user springboard into a world of a person who accomplished great things.

The second app, called Around the World in a Day is a beautiful scripted and designed iBook which explores the different famous landforms, features and manmade landmarks around the world.  This iBook is so very rich in information and students can use this iBook to do research and learn about history and man’s interaction with the earth.  Homeschoolers will delight in this iBook because it explores so many different faucets of world exploration, that many different home spun projects and masterpieces can be created from reading this iBook.  In addition, schools will delight with having this book in their cyber library for reference.  Other features include photos, puzzles and a sketchpad to explore and entertain the places you virtually visit in this iBook.

The third app, called An Amazing Day at the Zoo, once again is so beautifully designed by Infinity Learning that there is so many images and information that I am extremely impressed with.  All kids love the Zoo, and this iBook is not an exception.  Crafted in a way that will help students learn about animals; their habitats and their environment.  This iBook has many wonderful features, such as slider puzzles, a memory game, words search and a “Test your knowledge” section with three levels to be challenged in.  I believe that students, teachers and parents will “roar” over this iBook because it allows your child to read a virtual book that is interactive.

All three of these iBooks will stimulate, thrill and entice your child or student to love reading.  As a teacher, I find that some of my students get tired of reading books and I get frustrated this trying to encourage them to read the latest and greatest book on my bookshelf at school.  I am feeling that there is so much to reading now in 2013 because we have iBooks, apps and other technologies that excite the students to learn.

To extend learning beyond the iBooks, give your child or student the opportunity to research a famous person, a famous landmark and/or an animal from the zoo.  Create a digital project, such as PowerPoint.  Or for Intermediate and Middle School students, help them by creating digital graphic organizers to help layout their ideas and do digital presentations.  Have a fun time exploring with these fantastic iBooks!

Thank you to Learning Infinity for the privilege to review your apps, as well as create a video tutorial on Around the World in a Day!

Click HERE if you can’t see the above video – the Digital Literacy Tutorial on Around the World in a Day iBook

Learning Opportunities and Digital Literacy Standards

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The Road to Greatness

Around the World in a Day

Amazing Day at the Zoo

The Road to Greatness

Around the World in a Day

An Amazing Day at the Zoo


  • Read about Famous People
  • Pictures, Photos Puzzles, Interactive Activities and more


  • Read about Famous Landmarks and Places around the world
  • Pictures, Photos, Puzzles, Interactive Activities and More


  • Read about Animals at the Zoo
  • Pictures, Photos, Puzzles, Interactive Activities and More


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