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Card Wars with Duckie Deck

Who likes the card game War?  I certainly do, and often enough we see kids playing this game in classrooms, in homes and now on the iPad.  Thanks to Duckie Deck we have a new Duckie Deck Card Wars.  This is a simple and easy to use iPad app that plays the same way as the card game War.  Two players flip over their own half deck of cards.  Once the cards are flipped over, the highest number wins and gains their opponent’s card.  This app can also be used for the classroom to build understanding of Math concepts and place value. deck wars If you have children in elementary school, teach the children how to gather the cards if the winner of the round has a higher number than their opponent.  Emphasize the understanding of place value, as numbers 2 to 9 have the ones digit, but then 10 has two place values.

Click on the image to learn more about this fun educational app.  So, if you are into card games, or hope to teach your students some Math, grab your iPad and get this app.

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