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Compassion and Caring Discovery App Learning Bundle

I have taken three apps and bundled them up to teach Life Skills, Personal Planning and Career and Health to students.  In British Columbia, the term Life Skills is primarily used in the Resource and Learning Assistance program, as well as special District programs, meaning to help students use and relate to real life activities and events in their lives.  In this Compassion and Caring Discovery App Learning Bundle these three apps are used to talk to students about compassion and caring.  Although this focuses on primary students, students with special needs at any level can reap a harvest of knowledge through these three apps.  Let’s visit each of them to understand the benefits of each app in the area of learning about compassion and caring.

Toy Repair Workshop is a wonderful app that brings the user into the world of a child who is unhappy.  The child is in front of a broken toy.  The toy may have a part missing, a part broken or needs a new coat of paint.  The user must clicktoy-repair-workshop_screenshot1 on the broken item and proceed to find the proper part to fix the toy.  Then the user must then use the item to aid in fixing the toy, such as a paint brush.  The user then sees the child turn from a face of sadness to a face of happiness if it is fixed.  Check out their video at

The second app is the Sock Puppets app that allows the child to explore areas of speak and this app allows students to tell stories about being caring and compassionate.  The app works by mimicking the words the user states.  There are puppets, prompts and backgrounds to enjoy.  The teacher or parent can use this app to expose a child to verbal story telling.  The child can be asked to tell a story of when they showed someone care and vice versa.

The third app is a creative writing app called Story Patch, and this now moves into allowing your child or your student to be creative in story telling through the written word, or should I say typed word.  There is so much to explore when we talk to students and children about caring and compassion.  This app will create, edit, view, share, read and manage stories told by students about caring and compassion stories.  Younger children will need help with Story Patch.

These three apps when used together, can be powerful in teaching the concepts of caring and compassion.  Using Toy Repair Workshop to explore visual facial expressions, Sock Puppets to explore the ideas of verbal story telling and then finally Story Patch, by allowing children to write their ideas down.  Use these three together to enhance learning in the areas of Life Skills, Career and Health and Personal Planning.

To extend learning beyond the app, give your child or student an assignment to talk about bullying and/or cyberbullying in their lives.  Explore the ideas of facial expressions and the thoughts on how people feel when bullied.  For younger children use the ideas of caring and for the older children talk about compassion.   Allow the children to use the sock puppet to explain their story and then create their story through Story Patch.  These three apps will get any user thinking and learning about compassion and caring, all at the same time!

Special thanks to Ann Pimentel of for your ideas on this lesson!

Learning Opportunities

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toy repair shop



Toy Repair Shop

Sock Puppets Complete

Story Patch


  • Observe child is sad because toy is broken
  • Fix the toy using the correct piece
  • Select the correct material to fix the toy
  • Observe the child’s reaction is positive after you have fixed it


  • Create your own sock puppet
  • Virtual Puppetshow
  • Features:  Puppets, Props, Scenery, and Background
  • Hit record bottom and the puppets will lip-sych to your voice
  • This is a wonderful app for the creative user who just wants to have some fun
  • The videos can be uploaded to YouTube


  • Creative Writing App
  • Create (a new story); Edit (a story); Share (a story); Read (a story); View (the tutorial); and Manage (your stories)
  • Insert story characters, animals and objects; scenery and your own photos, as well as manipulate pages.
  • You can create characters and select from a variety of appearances.
  • Please Note:  Younger users may need support


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