Camp 21: Integrating Technology to Build Relationships

I have added all the videos now from my presentation down below.  Enjoy!  Here is the original post:  Building relationships through technology can be done!  We all use technology and the use of devices have sky rocketed over the last ten years.  What does this mean for our children and what does this mean for our classrooms?  Thank you to Microsoft Canada, CCI Learning, Pearson Canada and APPP Media for your support on this presentation.  Here is the presentation done at HD Stafford Middle School in Langley, B.C., Canada on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 for the SFU Field Programs Graduate diploma program.

This presentation came about through the many hours I have spent digging through videos on YouTube to use in my classroom and connecting with others online.  These videos are not just informational videos, but relational videos.  If you are interested in checking out my 70 plus videos on the Core Competencies (Thinking, Communication and Personal & Social Awareness) then please visit my YouTube channel at

Also, my class has taken time to visit many different museums, places and classrooms through Skype in the Classroom.  Taking virtual field trips to the Badlands, Yellowstone and the Canadian Canoe Museum were memorable and impressive.  To learn more about our journeys please see the Power Point below.  In addition, we connected with classrooms through a Mystery Skype in Alaska, New York and in Brazil in the last couple months.  We are true digital adventurers and it has been amazing!

Click HERE for the Power Point online.

Interested in learning more about Skype in the Classroom?  Please check out this hyperlink to learn more!

I truly love using digital means to connect students to a deeper understanding of themselves.  When we take the time to use technology as a stepping stone, rather than a stumbling block we can build connections, empathy and compassion with each other.  Relationships, connections and building a better is future is important to us, as well as to our future generations.

Below I have placed some videos I used in my presentation.  Enjoy!


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