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Best Division Apps Learning Bundle

Is your child having a difficult time understanding Division?   The Best Division Apps Learning Bundle helps those users who are beginning to learn, struggling or need practice on Division concepts.divisionwizMany children are introduced to the concept of Division with the assumption that all the children have the basic foundations of Addition and Subtraction.  If your child does not have a strong foundation in Addition and Subtraction I urge you to take time to seek apps that support virtual flashcards.  As for this learning bundle, the Long Division Touch and Classroom Edition teach users the steps involved in solving Division questions.  This app enables students to slow down the learning process to their speed.  I am a Division Wiz gives the users rote learning through flashcards that are virtual.  Enjoy the practicing Division concepts with these great apps!  Perhaps you will become a Division Diva?

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Learning Opportunities




Long Division Touch and Classroom Edition

I am a DivisionWiz


  • Long division can be challenging for many students.
  • This app shows step by step how to get the answer.


  • Division Flashcard App.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Categories: Play; Profile (correct and incorrect answers); World (connect with others).
  • Features: Division Levels
  • Sound off/on
  • Calculator-like Answer Pad
  • Allows Skipping
  • If Wrong it will State “Wrong” and “Asks User to Try again Later” or “OK”
  • Sounds for Correct and Incorrect Answers and Clearing Answers.


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