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Become An Artist App Learning Bundle

Become An Artist App Learning Bundle creates users into artists and an iPad into an artist’s canvas paradise.  Children love to draw and what a great way to apply this love, as to download some wonderful apps onto your iPad.  All three of these apps are simple to use and very user-friendly.  All three of these apps are for the elementary-aged child and can easily be used to teach skills, such as sketching, lines, design and more. The last two apps are the same app, but one is the free version and the other is the paid.  With the paid version, you get more options to choose from.  Taking time to teach children how to draw is a skill children can build upon for years to come.  The skill of drawing and the love of drawing will be facilitated through these three apps.  Enjoy!

How to Draw -

How to Draw

How to Draw Full

How to Draw

How to Draw – Free

How to Draw – Full


  • My Drawing
  • Step by Step
  • Colouring
  • Create your Own Drawings
  • Draw Step-by-Step and Color Images


  • Follow the moves on the screen to create an art piece or use paper to make your creation.
  • Goes step by step to help the user.  The instructor speaks user-friendly terms to help with the creation.


  • Additional Features to Enhance User’s Experience

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